1. Investigating the Group A National Teams in the Euros 2020

    With the UEFA European Championship Qualifiers completed, next on the menu for the 2020 Euros is the group stages. And in anticipation of this section of the tournament being just around the corner, we thought we would start by looking into how the groups have performed and make some predictions for the upcoming fixtures. In this blog post we are going to explore Group A which contains the following national teams:

    • Italy
    • Switzerland
    • Turkey
    • Wales

    Throughout the post we are going to look into each national team in Group A in depth so that we can get a better picture on how the group stages will pan out. So, if you want to find out more about what could be expected from Group A, then keep on reading.

    italyItaly’s Current and Previous Performance

    The Italian national team is currently ranked 13th in the FIFA World Rankings with 1607 points. Italy are a relatively strong team so we could expect them to do really well in the Euros. However, going by their unsuccessful attempt to qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, could this of been the motivation for them to pull their socks up and be on top of their game during the Euros, or could this be the start of their downward spiral?

    To begin with we are going to see how the Italian national squad fared during the Euro 2020 Qualifiers. Below is a breakdown of the matches in which they played during the qualifying round of the Euros to earn themselves a place in the group stage:

    • 23/03/2019 – Italy (2) V Finland (0)
    • 26/03/2019 – Italy (6) V Liechtenstein (0)
    • 08/06/2019 – Italy (3) V Greece (0)
    • 11/06/2019 – Italy (2) V Bosnia and Herzegovina (1)
    • 05/09/2019 – Italy (3) V Armenia (1)
    • 08/09/2019 – Italy (2) V Finland (1)
    • 12/10/2019 – Italy (2) V Greece (0)
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  2. Reviewing the Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    After the nail biting performance of the national teams during the international tournament earlier this year, the run up to release of the Euro 2020 schedules were greatly anticipated by fans worldwide. Therefore as earlier this week the fixtures and groupings for the UEFA European Championships Qualifiers 2020 were announced, we thought we would put this article together for our readers. This blog therefore covers how the groups have been drawn and who are expected to be the ones to beat.

    What the Euro 2020 Qualifying Groups Look Like

    In advance of the UEFA Euro 2020 tournament, the qualifiers are to take place in order to determine which 24 teams advance to the Championship. The qualifying tournament runs in addition to the brand new 2018/19 UEFA Nations Cup, which offers an alternative route to qualification for the 2020 tournament. Here is the breakdown of each country that is eligible for a place in the upcoming games and who they are playing against in their groups:

    • Group A – England, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Kosovo
    • Group B – Portugal, Ukraine, Serbia, Lithuania, Luxemburg
    • Group C – Netherlands, Germany, Northern Ireland, Estonia, Belarus
    • Group D – Switzerland, Denmark, Republic of Ireland, Georgia, Gibraltar
    • Group E – Croatia, Wales, Slovakia, Hungary, Azerbaijan
    • Group F – Spain, Sweden, Norway, Romania, Faroe Islands, Malta
    • Group G – Poland, Austria, Israel, Slovenia, FYR Macedonia
    • Group H – France, Iceland, Turkey, Albania, Moldova, Andorra
    • Group I – Belgium, Russia, Scotland, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, San Marino
    • Group J – Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Greece, Armenia, Liechtenstein

    Previous Winners of the Euros Championship

    Established in 1960, the UEFA Euros is going into their 15th tournament during 2020. This means that there have been a range of winners who have already fought vali

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  3. Everything You Need to Know About the Nations League 2018/19

    At the moment the national teams are currently battling it out on the football pitch to win the new Nations League trophy. And with the extra bonus of four places in the Euro tournament in two years’ time up for grabs, the anticipation to succeed in Nations League is high.

    As this is a very new tournament we wanted to put this post together to cover all of the need to know information about the ongoing games. From how the season is scheduled to who are the strongest teams so far, read below to find out all the latest info.

    What is the Nation’s League?

    The Nations League was first set-up in 2018 as an alternative way for national teams to acquire a place in the Euros, and replaced the current friendly matches for competition matches. This series of matches will take place every two years on the run-up to the next European league tournament.

    How the Nations League works is that all 55 national teams will be split into 4 leagues depending on their skill levels and successes. By having these matches tiered this way, it will make the games much fairer between the teams as they will be against similar performing clubs. Therefore, this eliminates any mishap with higher ranking teams pitted against lower ones.

    Then within these leagues they are split again into groups of 3 and 4. From here each country plays at home and away with their assigned competition. These matches have been scheduled to take place in September, October and November 2018.

    When the winners of each group have been decided, the top teams in B, C and D will be promoted and the lowest in A, B and C will be demoted. From here the clubs will play again until June 2019 where the top 4 teams from league A will fight for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place.

    Impact on Euro 2020

    In addition to establishing the top 4 teams in the Nations League, this tournament also gives the opportunity of 4 countries to win a p

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  4. Turkey Confirms Interest to Host the 2024 European Championships

    23rd February 2017. By Danni Biggs. 
    The Turkey Football Federation Chief Yildirim Demiroren told reporters at their headquarters "This time it is our right to host the championships." Brushing the threats and concerns over security and infrastructure Turkey confirms interest to host the 2024 European Championships. On the 15th February the TFF announced their ambitions bid to be the host nation of this much-loved tournament.

    The Turkish Football Federation announce being candidates to host the 2024 Euros. After losing out to stage the finals in 2008, 2012 and 2016 as well as disappointingly missing out on hosting the 2020 Summer Olympics to Tokyo, Turkey deserved to be announced as hosts, but is it the right decision?

    So, can Turkey host the 17th edition of the UEFA European Championship? When announcing an end to its pursuit of 2020 the TFF said "We believe Turkey is developing our sporting capacity with 13 stadiums to meet the necessary criteria. Turkey also has communication infrastructure, travel and accommodation facilities sufficient to host an entire competition."  However, despite this Turkey will be an outsider by comparison to the three-time European champions Germany, who also announced their interest to host this iconic tournament.

    National associations have until 3rd March 2017 to confirm their interests in bidding. The UEFA will then announce the bidders a week later. Bidders will them have to wait patiently until September 2018, which is when the host will be appointed.

    Lesson Learnt by their Olympic Bid

    After being left utterly disappointed when Istanbul lost out to Tokyo in the bid to host the 2020 Summer Olympics, Kilic said it had taught them a lot and helped to increase our capability. The Turkey Football Federation now belie

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  5. Euro 2016 Group Stage Predictions

    The 2016 UEFA European Championship won't get underway until June 10th of next year. As of early December, though, the group stage draws for the tournament are set. With 24 teams spread across six groups, which countries will rise and which will fall in the first round of this prestigious football tournament? Read on to check out our predictions for each of the six groups.

    Buy European National Jerseys

    The Group: A
    The Teams: France, Romania, Albania, Switzerland
    The Likely Outcome: France are the natural frontrunners here. In addition to being the tournament hosts, France are also the only soccer team in this group that have won a previous European Championship title-let alone two. France won in both 1984 (also at a tournament they hosted) and 2000 and have had a fairly solid year, friendly-wise. Romania went undefeated in the qualifiers but picked up five draws out of their 10 matches. If there's a threat here, it could be Albania, a Euro debutante team that won a friendly against France in June. Don't discount Switzerland, though: they scored more goals in the qualifiers (24) than Romania and Albania combined (21).

    The Group: B
    The Teams: England, Russia, Wales, Slovakia
    The Likely Outcome: This one seems fairly cut and dried. England, fresh off a perfect 10-game winning streak in the qualifying rounds, should win the draw handily. Russia have the next highest seeding (and the most Euro experience, with 10 previous tournaments under their belts), but the likely second-place team is Wales. Another debutante team, the Welsh soccer squad have the passion and hunger that Russia don't right now. Plus, they've got Gareth Bale.

    The Group: C
    The Teams: Germany,

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  6. Can Turkey Qualify for Euro 2016? An analysis of their current position.

    The Turkey national football team has a unique history in the annals of the UEFA European Championship. The team has only qualified for three Euro events over the course of the tournament's 55-year history. However, of those three appearances, the Turkish side made quite a splash in two of them, reaching the quarterfinals in 2000 and reaching a podium position (third place) in 2008. Can Turkey qualify for Euro 2016 and put on another strong performance, or will they miss out on qualification for the second Euro event in a row?

    Right now, the odds seem to be leaning in the latter direction for the wearers of the Turkey football jersey. Despite a 1-0 win over Kazakhstan in a June 12th qualifier, Turkey are currently in fourth place in their Euro 2016 qualifying group. In addition to Turkey and Kazakhstan, qualification Group A also includes Iceland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, and Latvia.

    Group A: The Current State of Affairs

    Most of the groups in this year's Euro qualifying competition feature six different teams. The qualifiers are done in a round robin fashion, with each team playing the other five twice-once at home, and once away. As such, the majority of the soccer teams vying for Euro 2016 qualification have to play 10 matches to get there.

    So far, in Group A each team has played six matches. Iceland, rather surprisingly, is on top of the group with five victories and one loss. The Czech Republic are also in qualifying range, with four wins, one draw, and one loss. The Netherlands, in spite of their success in the past two World Cups, are in third with three wins, one draw, and two losses. Turkey are in fourth, with two triumphs, two draws, and two losses.

    With four games left, things could still shift around a bit, but the Iceland and Czech Republic sides certainly look like the frontrunners for qualification at this point. The Dutch are a possible spoiler,

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  7. Turkey Lags Behind in Race for Euro 2016 Qualification

    The Turkey national football side, like most other national soccer teams, will be taking a competitive breather until March 2015. The break comes in the middle of Turkey's quest to qualify for the 2016 UEFA European Championship. An appearance in that legendary tournament would be only the fourth for the Turkish team. However, the squad is going to have to heat things up in 2015 if there is going to be any chance of the Turkey football shirt appearing at Euro 2016.

    In other words, if you want to see the Crescent-Stars manage a qualification into UEFA's biggest cup event, then now is the time to purchase a new Turkey home jersey 2014 2015 and show your support. You can find this football shirt on Soccer Box, in addition to the Turkish away jersey for 2014 2015. The country's footballers will wear both versions of the shirt for the remainder of the European qualifying rounds.

    The Qualification Run so Far

    Thus far, the Euro 2016 qualifying round has been hit or miss for the Crescent-Stars. The squad is currently sitting in fourth place, out of six teams, in Group A. They are trailing behind the Czech Republic, Iceland, and Netherlands, but are still maintaining a decent lead on Latvia and Kazakhstan. Their current record in the group is one win, one draw, and two losses. The Czech Republic, meanwhile, is undefeated in 2014 qualification play.

    As you can probably see, the wearers of the Turkey football shirt have some ground to make up if they are to contend for a slot in the 2016 European Championship. Luckily, things have already started looking up for the country.

    Indeed, things started off very poorly for Turkey this fall, when they lost their first Group A match 3-0 against Iceland. The second fixture wasn't much better, with a 2-1 loss against the Czech Republic-and at home, no less!

    Luckily, the Crescent-Stars seem to have gotten the

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  8. Turkey Football Shirt Will Remain a World Cup Rarity This Summer

    The Turkey national soccer team has an interesting history at the World Cup. Of the 19 World Cup tournaments on the books, the red and white colors of the Turkey football shirt have only made two appearances. The first of those came in 1954, when the Turkish team was eliminated in the first round of its inaugural tournament appearance. The second occurred in 2002, when Turkey somewhat inexplicably made it to the semifinals and came in third place, toppling some major soccer heavyweights along the way.

    Unfortunately for fans of the Turkey national team, there won't be an opportunity for similar upsets at this summer's World Cup in Brazil. Turkey continued its streak of missed qualifications and will not be appearing at all in the World Cup. However, the team is already preparing for its next phase, which is the qualification for the 2016 European Championships in France. In fact, the Turkey home jersey 2014 2015 that player's will wear for that campaign is already available at the Soccer Box store!

    Despite the fact that the Turkish team has not had the most success on the global soccer stage, there is no denying the charm of the Turkey football shirt. Designed with a classic look that resembles a flag more than a jersey, the shirts bear the craftsmanship that can always be expected from Nike, as well as the iconic moon and star crest that is Turkey's symbol.

    The 2002 Phenomenon

    While the Turkey home jersey 2014 2015 will not be appearing in this year's World Cup (and while Turkey hasn't played in either of the last two World Cup events), fans still harbor hope that their team will eventually reach global prominence. Much of that hope, unsurprisingly, is tied to the Cinderella success narrative that the Turkish team created at the 2002 World Cup.

    Indeed, the year was a golden one for Turkish soccer fans, as their team sailed through the group stage (bearing both Costa Rica and China

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