The Turkey national football side, like most other national soccer teams, will be taking a competitive breather until March 2015. The break comes in the middle of Turkey's quest to qualify for the 2016 UEFA European Championship. An appearance in that legendary tournament would be only the fourth for the Turkish team. However, the squad is going to have to heat things up in 2015 if there is going to be any chance of the Turkey football shirt appearing at Euro 2016.

In other words, if you want to see the Crescent-Stars manage a qualification into UEFA's biggest cup event, then now is the time to purchase a new Turkey home jersey 2014 2015 and show your support. You can find this football shirt on Soccer Box, in addition to the Turkish away jersey for 2014 2015. The country's footballers will wear both versions of the shirt for the remainder of the European qualifying rounds.

The Qualification Run so Far

Thus far, the Euro 2016 qualifying round has been hit or miss for the Crescent-Stars. The squad is currently sitting in fourth place, out of six teams, in Group A. They are trailing behind the Czech Republic, Iceland, and Netherlands, but are still maintaining a decent lead on Latvia and Kazakhstan. Their current record in the group is one win, one draw, and two losses. The Czech Republic, meanwhile, is undefeated in 2014 qualification play.

As you can probably see, the wearers of the Turkey football shirt have some ground to make up if they are to contend for a slot in the 2016 European Championship. Luckily, things have already started looking up for the country.

Indeed, things started off very poorly for Turkey this fall, when they lost their first Group A match 3-0 against Iceland. The second fixture wasn't much better, with a 2-1 loss against the Czech Republic-and at home, no less!

Luckily, the Crescent-Stars seem to have gotten the hang of things since then-at least marginally. October saw a 1-1 draw against Latvia, and on November 16th, players donned the Turkey home jersey 2014 2015 for a 3-1 home win against Kazakhstan.

The victory was the Turkish team's first competitive win of the year. And while the squad has had a fairly strong 2014 in terms of friendly fixtures (they've beaten Ireland, Sweden, and Denmark, to name a few), competitive qualification play is clearly a whole other type of ballgame.

Making a Comeback

Based on the stats, it would be easy to write Turkey off as a contender to qualify for Euro 2016. After all, the country only has four points in the group standings-five behind Iceland, and nine behind the Czechs.

However, Turkey does have a legacy for pulling off (or nearly pulling off) Cinderella stories. One of the team's nicknames is "the Comeback Kings," and a comeback mentality will be needed to get the wearers of the Turkey football shirt into Europe's biggest soccer tournament.

The Turkish soccer squad pulled off a big surprise at the 2002 FIFA World Cup, finishing the event in third place. Not only were they not considered contenders, that year, but they also weren't considered good bets to qualify. Prior to 2002, the Crescent-Stars had only played in one World Cup. They haven't made it back to the tournament since.

The Comeback Kings reared their heads once more in 2008, replicating their third-place World Cup finish at the European Championship. They even beat the Czechs in the group stage to progress to the knockout phase. Once again, they haven't been back since.

Could the Comeback Kings make a strong run in 2015 to qualify? There is certainly a possibility. In March, they will face the Netherlands, and a win there could greatly help their chances. So pick up a Turkey home jersey 2014 2015 today and root for these underdogs! It's time they made it back to UEFA's glorious international soccer extravaganza.

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