1. Messi V Suárez - Barcelona's Strongest

    Messi V SuarezAs Barcelona’s top scorers, Messi and Suárez are often compared to one another. Throughout this blog post we are going to delve into the performance of both players from the previous season representing Barcelona as well as their nations to see how they work together compared to on their own or on the opposing sides of the pitch. So, if you want to find out more about these key players in La Liga, then keep on reading.

    Messi’s 2018/19 Performance

    First off, we are going to explore the performance on the pitch by Messi during the 2018/19 La Liga season representing Barcelona. Below we have broken down each goal he scored per match and what team it was against to try and establish where his strengths are:

    • 18/08/2018 – 2 goals scored against Alaves
    • 02/09/2018 – 2 goals scored against Huesca
    • 23/09/2018 – 1 goal sco
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  2. 2018 FIFA World Cup Predictions

    With the World Cup in Russia fast approaching, there are lots of talk amongst supporters about who the stronger teams are this year. From previous winners to new comers, it is truly anyone’s game. Within the post we will try to establish who the main competitors are this season for the trophy as well as addressing who the underdogs could potentially be. 

    Previous Winners

    Established in 1930 the first ever World Cup took place in Uruguay and has since been hosted in a variety of countries across the globe. In history 5 countries have lifted the cup more than once, with the most wins being Brazil with 5 tournament victories. Below we will look at the break down of the winners in history:

    • Brazil – 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002
    • Italy – 1934, 1938, 1982, 2006
    • Germany – 1954, 1974, 1990, 2014
    • Uruguay – 1930, 1950
    • Argentina – 1978, 1986
    • England – 1966
    • France – 1998
    • Spain
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  3. Predicting the 2018 World Cup CONMEBOL Qualifiers

    Compared to the massive qualifying competitions that UEFA and AFC use to determine which countries will and will not get to send teams to the World Cup, the CONMEBOL qualifiers are downright simplistic. Featuring just 10 teams who play each other in a round robin series of home and away matches, the 2018 World Cup CONMEBOL qualifiers don't involve any complicated group stage calculations or multi-round qualification steps. Instead, each team plays 18 matches apiece, and the four or five at the top of the standings when those are done get to participate in FIFA's global football tournament.

    Still, while the CONMEBOL qualifiers look simple on paper, South American football teams actually have to play more matches apiece than any UEFA countries do. As a result, CONMEBOL qualifiers for the 2018 World Cup will begin relatively soon-October 2015, versus the UEFA start date of September 2016. So what does the schedule look like for the first matches? And which teams should be expected to

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  4. Copa America 2015 Group B: Our Predictions

    Lionel Messi is widely considered the greatest living football player, and arguably the greatest of all time. Yet despite his seemingly limitless skill and his long list of awards, superlatives, and titles, the 27-year-Copa America 2015 Group B Teamsold soccer star has yet to lead his home country to a victory at the Copa America. This year, the Argentine star and team captain will look to change that fact with a strong run at the Copa America 2015. The event, which will commence in Chile this Thursday, June 11th, will be the first incarnation of the tournament since Argentina lost at home in 2011. Argentina is in Copa America 2015 Group B, we take a look at their group stage competition.

    The Copa America 2011 was a heartily disappointing competition for Argentina football fans. With the event actually taking place in Argentina,

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  5. Uruguay 2014 World Cup Home Jersey Holds Tough in England Match

    Both Uruguay and England were beaten last weekend in their debut appearances at the 2014 World Cup, Uruguay in a 1-3 upset against Costa Rica, England in a hot, humid, and exhausting 1-2 soccer battle against Italy. As a result, stakes were high for both teams to win and keep their mathematical hopes of progressing to the next stage alive. In other words, the battle between the Uruguay home shirt and the England away kit today was a key match for both teams, and England just happened to be the one to blink.

    England Away Kit

    Luis Suarez: The Hero of the Match

    The most worthy wearer of the Uruguay 2014 World Cup home jersey today and the undisputed Man of the Match was Luis Suarez, who makes most of his yearly paycheck playing striker

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  6. Celebrate FIFA Summer with a Suarez 9 Uruguay 2014 World Cup Home Shirt

    It's a big soccer season for many reasons. For FIFA, this summer is going to be monumental simply because it is a World Cup year and because countless people will be descending upon Brazil in mid-June to watch the best football teams on the planet Suarez 9 Uruguay 2014 World Cup Home Shirtplay against one another. It's a big season for Uruguay because their team is currently ranked at number 6 of this year's competitors by FIFA. It's also a big season for Liverpool football club because the team just came closer than ever to attaining a title in England's Premier League. For fans looking to follow all of these narratives at once, Soccer Box has the perfect product: the Suarez 9 Uruguay 2014 World Cup home shirt.

    What is this special Suarez Uruguay soccer jersey, you may ask, and why is it such a special product at the Soccer

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  7. Can the Uruguay Football Shirt Take its Third Title at the FIFA World Cup This Year?

    This year the team is going to compete at the World Cup in Brazil, hoping to take the title home for a third time. But to do that, they will have to beat out some impressive competition in their first group, Group D. There they will be challenged by Costa Rica, England, and Italy. These teams are some of the top in the world, and are not going to make a win easy. They'll need all the support they can get from fans wearing the Uruguay World Cup away jersey 2014, which is available at Soccer Box, to bring home a win.

    Light Blues and Whites

    The Uruguay football shirt comes in sky blue for home, and white for away. The home jerseys have gold trim, which includes the Puma logo, to accent their golden crest. The away whites have the sky blue accent lines. The blue in their jerseys, which reflects the blue in the nation's flag, has coined the nickname La Celeste in their country.

    The crest is gold and blue, with wheat on

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  8. All Eyes will be on the Uruguay in Brazil

    Uruguay may hold the record for the smallest population to ever have won the World Cup, but its fans are some of the biggest in the world. Soccer Box has all your favorite official team Uruguay merchandise and gear, including the Uruguay 2014 World Cup home jersey by Puma. Check out the Soccer Box shop for more Uruguay gear and show your support for this year's biggest underdog team.

    Team Uruguay Finds Familiar Footing

    Definitely one of the brightest, if not best teams in South American football, Uruguay has surprisingly fallen upon some hard times as far as World Cups go. After winning the Copa America a record 15 times and boasting 2 Olympic gold medals the Uruguay soccer jerseys unfortunately haven't seen past fourth place since their last appearance in a Brazilian hosted World Cup in 1950.

    Now that Uruguay is back in a place they are comfortable playing fans think that they will have a chance to reclaim their

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