This year the team is going to compete at the World Cup in Brazil, hoping to take the title home for a third time. But to do that, they will have to beat out some impressive competition in their first group, Group D. There they will be challenged by Costa Rica, England, and Italy. These teams are some of the top in the world, and are not going to make a win easy. They'll need all the support they can get from fans wearing the Uruguay World Cup away jersey 2014, which is available at Soccer Box, to bring home a win.

Light Blues and Whites

The Uruguay football shirt comes in sky blue for home, and white for away. The home jerseys have gold trim, which includes the Puma logo, to accent their golden crest. The away whites have the sky blue accent lines. The blue in their jerseys, which reflects the blue in the nation's flag, has coined the nickname La Celeste in their country.

The crest is gold and blue, with wheat on the sides and the lines of their flag with stars above that signify their victories at the World Cup and Olympics. They have not always had the sky blue jerseys though; in fact, at one point they were even green. Now however, they maintain the blue, and the Uruguay away jersey is sporting the white with blue accents for a distinctive look that is sure to help fans unite as they wear them and cheer their favorite team on.

Small Country, Big Talent

Even though Uruguay is the smallest nation to ever compete at the World Cup, they have brought the competition in a big way. In 2010 they came in fourth place, and this year they hope to move even further. They currently have a FIFA ranking of 5, making them one of the top contenders at the competition. But will they be able to beat out the others in their first group?

It is possible, as they are quite the competitive team. They do, however, have to go up against a very tough group to stay in the game. Costa Rica is at a current ranking of 34; however, they are still some solid competition. England has a ranking of 11, and Italy is ranked at 9. Uruguay may seem to have the upper hand against these teams, but nothing can be counted out on the world's greatest football stage.

What is for certain is that fans of the sky blue and white are going to show up in Brazil this year sporting the Uruguay World Cup away jersey 2014 to show their support for this great team. They are expected to go far in the competition this year, and even have a chance at taking the World Cup. Fans will definitely be watching with great anticipation as they strive to get that third World Cup title, and even though they are a small nation, they have a big desire to beat out the competition.

Bringing Home the Victory 

Uruguay may need to make room on their crest for another star, which is a good problem to have if they continue on their path to World Cup victory. They have played hard to get there, and fans wearing the Uruguay football shirt will be waiting to help push them through the tough competition. Soccer Box has all of the jerseys, kits, and merchandise that will get fans ready for the games in June.