Uruguay may hold the record for the smallest population to ever have won the World Cup, but its fans are some of the biggest in the world. Soccer Box has all your favorite official team Uruguay merchandise and gear, including the Uruguay 2014 World Cup home jersey by Puma. Check out the Soccer Box shop for more Uruguay gear and show your support for this year's biggest underdog team.

Team Uruguay Finds Familiar Footing

Definitely one of the brightest, if not best teams in South American football, Uruguay has surprisingly fallen upon some hard times as far as World Cups go. After winning the Copa America a record 15 times and boasting 2 Olympic gold medals the Uruguay soccer jerseys unfortunately haven't seen past fourth place since their last appearance in a Brazilian hosted World Cup in 1950.

Now that Uruguay is back in a place they are comfortable playing fans think that they will have a chance to reclaim their title as one of the most tenacious teams in football. After coming just short of triumph over the Spanish national team in the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup, this might just be the boost the team needs to take home the cup like they did over 60 years ago. Pitch advantage or not, the Uruguay 2014 World Cup home jersey stands a real chance of making it to the final round in this year's  games.

Thousands of Uruguay fans will be in attendance in Brazil when their favorite international underdogs take to the field in Brazil for the second time, and make their next bid on the most sought after trophy in the world of football. Even though previous World Cups have proven too much for the team, they are still one of the most skilled and accomplished teams in modern football, which is only amplified by the fact that they hail from the tiniest country to ever compete in a FIFA World Cup.

Uruguay Makes a Huge Splash for Such a Tiny Country

For Uruguayan fans, football has always been more than just a fun pastime. The tiny country takes great pride in the Uruguay soccer jerseys and its unprecedented success in the world of international football. Uruguay is formally known for not only being the smallest country to win a World Cup, but also the smallest country to ever win a gold medal in an Olympic team sport.

If you count them all up Uruguay holds claim to a mind boggling 20 official football titles, that's more than any other country in the world, including Brazil and Spain. With numbers like that, it's no wonder why so many of Uruguay's 3.25 million citizens devote so much of their love to their national football team. You can show some love for this year's outside favorite with a Uruguay home jersey from the Soccer Box shop.

Coach Oscar Washington Tabarez is set to guide team Uruguay to the top, and it seems only a matter of time until the games begin and we see the team coached by such an experienced teacher. After his stellar performance coaching his team into shape, Uruguay chose to extend Tablarez's tenure instead of replacing him after the traditional four year run.  The Uruguayan national is certainly the team's best choice to lead them in to this year's cup, but will it be enough to shock the world yet again with another victory in Brazil?

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