1. Jurgen Klinsmann – Player to Manager

    Many outstanding football players find that at some point in their soccer career, they make the transition from player to manager – as we have seen with the previous few articles we have published. Therefore, within this post we are going to look into the established career of Jurgen Klinsmann and how he coped with making the swap from the pitch to the side lines. We also look into his performance both as manager and player along with the number of club and individual awards he has acquired over the years.

    Establishing His Soccer Career

    Born in Goppingen 1964, Jurgen started his soccer career at only eight years old. This is where he started playing for TB Gingen, but after six months with the team he managed to score an outstanding 16 goals in a single match. He only played with TB Gingen for 2 years before he transferred to SC Geislingen at age 10. After four years with the squad his family relocated to Stuttgart but Jurgen continued playing for the team up u

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  2. Where to Watch the 2018 World Cup Across the Globe

    It’s nearly that time of year again when football fans crowd around the TV or their mobile phones with ultimate pride in their eyes as they watch their beloved team take to the pitch. This is why the World Cup is such a widely anticipated tournament across the globe as it is such a powerful way of uniting a country.

    Most children’s vivid memories of soccer begin when they watch their national team play. And this feeling of country pride carries on with them into adulthood and is passed on through generations. Making the love of the sport everlasting.

    As the World Cup is a passionate tournament, you will find that most countries will accommodate for streaming the games live from Russia in order for the fans to join in with the action and feel like they are actually there. 

    In this post we will take a look at the time scheduling per zones as well as what channels and applications you can used to watch the games on.

    Match Schedules for Group Sta

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  3. The Difference Between Vapor Match Jerseys and Stadium Shirts

    18th May 2016.
    With the summer's 2016 European Championship tournament getting closer and closer, it's time to start thinking about picking up a football kit or two to show support for your favorite national team. For teams that use Nike as a kit manufacturer, the American sportswear company has given fans a wider array of options to choose from with its latest batch of jersey releases. In addition to the obvious variations that are always there in the jersey market-home and away kits, jerseys and tees-Nike has also unveiled different kit varieties this year.

    Nike's Two Jersey Types

    On one side of the conversation, we have the Nike Vapor Match shirts. On the other side, there are the Nike Stadium shirts. Viewed independently, these two kits could easily be taken to the be the "official" jerseys for their respective teams (or perhaps as similar designs of the same team's jersey from different years). There are

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  4. Will their be Further Growth and Investment in Ladies Football Following the 2015 Women's World Cup?

    Soccer, men's or ladies football, has never been the sport in the United States. While fans in England, Spain, Germany, Italy, and countless other countries around the globe adore and follow association football with unrivaled passion and dedication, interest for the sport in the USA tends to depend entirely on how the American teams are doing at marquee international events. Major League Soccer has a niche following, but it can't compete with America's more beloved pastimes, like baseball, football, basketball, and hockey. But when a United States national team is doing well-as the men's USA soccer team did at last year's World Cup in Brazil-American sports fans will still tune in and show interest in soccer. It's just that, generally, that interest fades once the big marquee tournaments are in the rearview.

    For the USA women's soccer team, then, the battle to attain a following in their own country has been two-pronged. For one thing, USA sports fans are not huge on soccer

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  5. United States Enjoy a Thrilling Triumph at the 2015 Women's World Cup Final

    A FIFA World Cup title continues to elude the United States men's soccer team, but no such problem exists for the country's women's team. On the contrary, the USA women's national team picked up their third trophy at the FIFA Women's World Cup over the weekend, beating Japan in a decisive 5-2 championship match. The 2015 Women's World Cup final victory ends a 16-year tournament title draught for the Americans and puts the USA back on the map in women's soccer.

    The Path to Glory

    Even though the USA hadn't won the Women's World Cup title since 1999, they clearly came to Canada this summer prepared to dominate. Coached by veteran soccer manager Jill Ellis (who also lead the squad to a win at last year's CONCACAF Women's Championship), the United States football team topped their group and burned through the knockouts en route to an explosive final.

    The group stage actually made the USA look weaker than several other

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  6. CONCACAF Gold Cup Group A: Analysis and Predictions

    Get ready, United States soccer fans. The USA football squad hasn't played a competitive match since their elimination from last year's World Cup. However, on July 7th they'll help kick off the CONCACAF Gold Cup in a match against Honduras. Show your support for the soccer team today by stopping by Soccer Box and picking up a USA home jersey 2014 2015 ahead of the big CONCACAF tournament. The USA will be in the CONCACAF Gold Cup Group A, and hoping to advance through the group stage to secure a place in the knockout rounds.

    The 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup: Setting the State

    Most of the world's national football teams have seen at least a little bit of competitive action in the past 12 months. Germany, England, Spain and the rest of Europe have been doing battle in pursuit of qualification for the 2016 European Championship, while Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, and other South American teams are currently embroiled

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  7. Bitter Disappointment, But a Bright Future for Fans of the USA

    The USA 2014 World Cup home shirt has become the signature of a strong football team. Soccer Box still has stock of this fantastic Nike football shirt that will be used for friendly and international matches in the run-up to the 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup. Order your shirt today and show support for one of the up and coming team's that may prove to make a real title challenge in the 2018 World Cup event.

    Football or soccer as it is known in the USA, is a growing phenomenon in America, quickly overtaking other sports for participation and as a spectator sport. As Major League Soccer (MLS) has become ingrained into the minds of American sports fanatics so has the determination for world domination, and the FIFA World Cup title.

    USA Soccer Jerseys

    Group G Action

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  8. USA 2014 World Cup Home Shirt in Dramatic Portugal Tie!

    Prior to kickoff of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Group G was billed as the 'Group of Death', the tightest group of the tournament with no team certain of easy progression to the knockout stages. Last nights game between the USA and Portugal certainly lived up to the speculation. The USA 2014 World Cup home shirt missed out on security in the 95th minute with a dramatic Portuguese equalizer.

    Traditionally the USA has not been strong in soccer tournaments, their best World Cup finish to date was 3rd place in 1930. Recent years have seen a massive increase in the popularity of soccer in the USA, and with German football manager Jurgen Klinsmann at the helm the USA were suspected of being a dark horse contender.

    The USA 2014 World Cup home jersey is a smart Nike football shirt all white in color with a polo neck collar. The shirt proudly sports the USA badge on the left side of the chest.  After beating Ghana and narrowly missing out on a win against Portugal

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  9. USA Marks Strong First Showing at 2014 World Cup

    In the last two World Cup tournaments, the United States national team was sent packing by Ghana. In 2006, Ghana were debutants who beat the U.S. in a group stage match and at least partially contributed to the Americans' early, winless departure from that year's World Cup. In 2010, the U.S. team managed to make it beyond the group stage, but lost again in a meeting with Ghana in the round of 16. Based on those two occurrences, many were wondering if the same fate would befall the USA 2014 World Cup away jersey.

    USA Soccer Jersey

    A Quick Lead

    Luckily for fans of the United States team, the third time really was the charm. Team USA had clearly come to play this time around, and within 32 seconds of taking the field at

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  10. National Team Taking USA Soccer Jerseys South for 2014 World Cup

    The United States men's national football team is heading south. This summer, the members of the team will don their USA soccer jerseys and set controls for South America and Brazil for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

    Undoubtedly, fans will follow the team to cheer them on in the world's biggest football event, and Soccer Box has plenty of gear on hand to satisfy such a crowd. In addition to the USA 2014 FIFA World Cup home shirt an attractive white Dri-fit jersey with the USA men's football crest and the iconic swoosh logo of team sponsor, Nike Soccer Box has several other pieces of merchandise for fans of the American team, including shorts, socks, jackets, and even older jerseys from when the team was signed with Adidas.

    Clearly, there are more than a few ways to cheer for the United States national football team at this year's World Cup. Ultimately, the most important thing are the bold red, white, and blue colors that define the nation's flag and ideology, and you can bet that

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