Since 1990 the USA football shirt has been a regular feature in FIFA World Cup tournaments. The team made their way as far as the 1st knockout stage in the 2010 edition hosted by South Africa. The 2014 World Cup is promising to be full of excitement not least, because the USA team has qualified, but because they have been showing fantastic form in recent years.

In recent months the USA squad has been preparing with a series of friendly games. Following their strong World Cup qualifying campaign the results of these games has been less consistent. Soccer as it is more commonly known in the United States is a growing phenomenon with Major League Soccer soaring in popularity over recent years. Both in American and worldwide the USA football shirt is becoming recognized as that of a team to be wary of.

As well as friendly games Nike has launched the team's brand new football kits in preparation for kickoff in June. The USA 2014 World Cup away jersey is the latest addition to the collection. This 3 color, red, white and blue shirt is bold and screams success. Nike has done a tremendous job designing the kits that will be worn throughout the tournament; ensure you order yours at Soccer Box ready for the 1st match.

New Kit, New Coach, New Style

The USA away jersey is likely to make its on pitch debut during the group stage of the World Cup competition. Prior to this time the team has scheduled 3 more friendly matches. The purpose of a friendly is for practice, and team unity allowing the manager to make a final team selection of which players will star in the World Cup kits in Brazil.

Jurgen Klinsmann is the team's head coach. The former Germany manager is turning the USA squad into an unrecognizable team from that of a few years ago. They have posted some fantastic results including a 4-3 win against Germany, the Germans only defeat of 2013. They finished top of the CONCACAF qualifying tournament ensuring their place in Brazil.

Since qualifying ended the USA football shirt has featured in 5 friendly soccer matches. The results posted have not convinced commentators that the USA is ready to lift the prestigious World Cup trophy. 1 win, 2 loses and 2 draws is not the score-sheet of a potentially winning team. Their 2-0 win over South Korea has been their crowning glory over recent months, tougher competition will be apparent in Brazil.

Group of Death Trauma

The USA national team has been drawn into Group G, dubbed by many 'The group of death'. The 1st round will see the USA squad face Germany, Portugal and Ghana. The USA is by no means favorite to come out on top, but they are considered likely to add fuel to the fire making this an uncertain group, with no clear indicator of which 2 teams will progress to the knockout stage.

The USA's win over Germany last year will keep them guessing; USA has the advantage in that game with Klinsmann's insider knowledge. However, Germany is ranked as one of the top contenders to lift the trophy behind host nation Brazil. This group will also see the battle of 2 major European contenders Germany and Portugal. With Cristiano Ronaldo on the pitch for Portugal there is little question of them being an easy win.

The 1st airing of the USA 2014 World Cup away soccer jersey is likely to be against Ghana in their game on 16th June. Ghana is the weakest side of the 4 but certainly not one to be overlooked. The Ghanaians have advanced beyond the group stage in the last 2 World Cup tournaments and are known for their tenacity and winning style of play.

The World Cup is several weeks away yet, and the American squad has 3 more friendly games to refine their tactics. Germany, Portugal and Ghana will eagerly be scrutinizing the results of these upcoming friendlies in their assessment of how to tackle the American's. Azerbaijan, Turkey and Nigeria are unlikely to pose any such threat as that of the USA group stage counterparts, but they need to pull some winning performances if they are to be counted as a serious contender in Brasil.

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