USMNT is on their way to the World Cup again this year, as they have every time the tournament has been held since 1990. You can join fans all across America in wearing a USA soccer jersey to cheer on your favorite national football team to victory in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Currently ranked 13th in the FIFA World Rankings, USMNT captain Clint Dempsey is eager to prove his team's worth in the upcoming games, hopefully taking home the title for the first time ever in his team's 80 year history.

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A Soccer Team in a Football World

The American national soccer team has always been an oddity in its own country. Unlike almost any other country in the world, football is not all that popular in the United States. Though many American cities and even states have official football teams, matches with European or Asian league teams are few and far between, with most American teams playing only other American teams.

When they are playing internationally, the USMNT competes in the CONCACAF league, along with other World Cup participants; Mexico, Honduras and Costa Rica. Though they remain relatively obscure in other realms of football, the United States have won a number of CONCACAF Gold Cup championships, showing that they are still a force to be reckoned with, at least by North American standards.

At this year's FIFA World Cup games the United States national soccer team will need to show that they are a world class team if they have any hopes of seeing the final round. Fans from America and all over the world will be cheering on their team wearing a USA 2014 FIFA World Cup jersey and rooting for the North American underdogs in what could be their most trying tournament yet.

The USMNT Faces a Shaky Start

Football has never been the United States' strong suit, and unfortunately for fans of the USMNT they were to see their favorite team lose in their first World Cup training game against Ukraine. Ever persistent, the United States national football team has learned from this loss and is currently training to put their best foot forward when the World Cup tournament begins in June. But things aren't all doom and gloom for the USMNT, in fact not too long ago team USA was on the longest winning streak of any team in the world.

The middle of the 2013 season was some of the best of times for the US national soccer team. Fans were going ballistic as the USMNT had just won their 12th straight game and were poised to enter the 2014 World Cup with enough momentum to launch them into the finals. Much to their fans dismay, the US winning streak came to a close when they were defeated 3-1 by Costa Rica only to go on to defeat Mexico and secure their place in this year's FIFA tournament. Show your support for the USMNT with a USA 2014 FIFA World Cup jersey as they make another attempt at bringing international recognition to United States football.

Though they may have lost a bit of momentum, team USA is still anxious to head to Brazil and make their stand for the Cup where they have been drafted into group G with Ghana, Portugal and rival Germany. They also stand to face their long time arch-rival Mexico, still sore over their last game with USMNT, which should make for some action packed football.

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