As one of the most successful and most popular soccer clubs in Spain, Valencia CF (also know as the Valencia Club de Futbol) is a sports team that frequently packs its home stadium with supporters. In terms of Spanish football, Valencia CF ranks third in terms of size to Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. However, that fact hasn't kept Valencia from being a global heavyweight in terms of total audience draw. The team's home turf, Mestalla Stadium in Valencia, Spain, has a capacity of 55,000, but the team's current season ticket holder number of over 50,000 fills up most of that space on a game to game basis with most of those fans sporting the Valencia football shirt.

Valencia Home Shirt 2013 - 2014With that kind of support, it's no surprise that Valencia home kit is in such demand, especially during the soccer season. The team's red and white soccer kits are worn proudly by fans, whether in championship years such as 2004, when Valencia CF toppled both Real Madrid and FC Barcelona to take Spain's treasured La Liga trophy or during less prosperous seasons.

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Valencia CF Prepares for a Move to a New Stadium

It goes without saying that Mestalla Stadium is a storied and beloved temple to the game of soccer. Since the stadium was first constructed in 1923 just four years after the team first came together in 1919 it has played host to countless games, innumerable victories, defeats and draws and plentiful fan memories. Still, despite the legendary status of Mestalla Stadium, both throughout Spain and around the world, the venue has undoubtedly begun to show its age. At over 90 years old, it is time for Mestalla Stadium to be retired and for Valencia CF to move their stomping grounds to new turf to show off the incredible Valencia home kit.

Furthermore, the size of the current Mestalla Stadium is simply not big enough, and that fact is holding the Valencia team from enjoying the full scope of their huge fan base sporting the Valencia football shirt. Recent reports have indicated that, beyond the 50,000 season ticket holders currently enjoying regular games in Mestalla Stadium, there are another 20,000 people (if not more) who have placed their names on a season ticket holder waiting list.

Clearly, Valencia CF has outgrown Mestalla Stadium, a fact that has led Valencia CF to commission the building of a second stadium to be called Nou Mestalla. Initially, the stadium was set to open its doors in 2013, but construction has taken longer than expected, and the ribbon cutting for the venue has been postponed as a result. Still, when Nou Mestalla does finally open its doors, it will herald a new era for the Valencia Club de Futbol. Not only will the venue be sleek and modern in a way that the original Mestalla Stadium never was, but it will also bump the capacity up to 75,000, giving the 20,000+ entrants on the season ticket holder wait-list an opportunity to finally show their pride for the Valencia CF on a game-to-game basis, no doubt wearing the stunning Valencia home kit.

Greet the New Valencia CF Era with New Gear!

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