VFB Stuttgart may not be as big a name in the German club football scene as giants like Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, but if you're looking to root for the underdog this season instead of the frontrunners, then no choice is better than VFB Stuttgart Home Shirt 2014 - 2015VFB Stuttgart. To help you do just that, Soccer Box has a small selection of VFB Stuttgart football shirts available now!

Manufactured by Puma, a company with a reputation for designing and making some of the nicest and most comfortable soccer shirts you're likely to find anywhere, the VFB Stuttgart home jersey 2014 2015 is a traditional soccer jersey that will never go out of style. The shirt, a classy white collared jersey with a red banner from team sponsor, Mercedes Benz, across the chest, is made out of dryCELL material a standard-issue Puma jersey feature, but something that most companies can't offer.

Players love dryCELL material because it is so efficient at wicking sweat away from their bodies and keeping them cool on the field. Trust us: you'll notice the same thing while you're cheering for VFB Stuttgart from warm, autumnal, sun-drenched stadium bleachers.

VFB Stuttgart Football Shirts

The Underdog

So why are the VFB Stuttgart football shirts available on the Soccer Box store currently synonymous with the term "underdog"? The reasoning is based on Stuggart's recent performance in Bundesliga. As Germany's top league football division, Bundesliga is incredibly competitive, and while certain teams (the aforementioned Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund) seem to win titles consistently, other teams aren't so lucky.

VFB Stuttgart, in short, is one of those less lucky teams, at least these days. Though the club has been around since 1893, and though it has one of the wealthiest and most-distinctive corporate sponsors in all of sports thanks to Mercedes-Benz (the team's home ground is even called Mercedes-Benz Arena), Stuttgart has not enjoyed the same level of success as some other Bundesliga clubs.

Stars and Histories

That's not to say that VFB Stuttgart has never gained national glory as part of the Bundesliga division. On the contrary, if you purchase the VFB Stuttgart home jersey 2014 2015 from Soccer Box, you will notice that the jersey has a single star floating above the team crest.

The Bundesliga star system indicates teams that have won multiple league championships. Only six teams are currently allowed to wear stars in Bundesliga competition, and with three division titles, VFB Stuggart is clearly in good company (though no one can rival Bayern Munich's 23 titles and four stars).

VFB Stuggart's trio of Bundesliga wins are unique in that they all came in different decades, first with a victory in the 1983 1984 season, then with a second win in 1991 1992, and finally with a third (and most recent) victory in the 2006 2007 season.

Since that last winning season, where the VFB Stuttgart squad triumphed over the rest of the competitive field with a record of 21-7-6, the legacy of the VFB Stuttgart football shirts has seemed to diminish slowly. The following season saw the team dip to sixth place on the Bundesliga table while things were looking almost dire by 2012 2013, when Stuttgart notched a Bundesliga record of 12-7-15 for a disappointing 12th place finish.

Nearing Relegation

Things got even worse for Stuttgart last season, when the team only managed to win eight games. That number was enough to put VFB Stuttgart in 15th place on the Bundesliga table, just escaping the bottom three slots and the corresponding punishment of relegation to 2. Bundesliga. However, the team's 18 losses were nothing if not disheartening.

Now, fans are merely hoping that the VFB Stuttgart home jersey for 2014 2015 will be symbolic of one thing: redemption. While the last few seasons have not been great for the team, many still remember when Stuttgart was a Bundesliga champion. With a new manager coming aboard this year (Armin Veh, who played as part of Stuttgart's league-winning team in 2006 2007), those fans are hoping for a reversal of the recent trend.

Do you think VFB Stuttgart has what it takes to recover from the recent drought of wins? If so, stop by Soccer Box today to check out our selection of VFB Stuttgart football shirts