However they seem to have started this season well and it has gone great for them, they have put in 100% and they have had 3 wins, one draw and one loss. Before last weekend's games they were top of the table which was a very unusual site.

There is no doubting that the Reds have some quality players and a great managers and we are all left wondering if Liverpool could make the top four at LEAST this year.

The squad have definitely started off well first beating Stoke and home and then Villa away where they won 0-1 in the Liverpool away football jersey. They then surprised us all with a 1-0 home victory over Manchester United at home, then they drew with Swansea before losing 0-1 at home in a game against Southampton which shocked us all.

They have made a very good start and if they carry on with this great form and do not get distracted by the 0-1 loss to Southampton they will be fine. Since there great form this season the sales of the Liverpool football shirts have soared.

The squad were quite strong last season too, with the club's high scorer Luis Suarez banging them in left, right and centre. Unfortunately he received a 10 match ban stopping him from playing a few of the last games of the 2012-13 season and the first few of the 2013-14 season fixtures.

However for the upcoming Capital Cup fixture against Manchester United Suarez is now available again and could make his return to the starting line-up, we are not sure yet it depends if Brendan Rogers chooses to him to play in the Liverpool away football jersey at Old Trafford tonight.

While Suarez has been unavailable it has been Daniel Sturridge who has taken his place most games and he had not let the side down with numerous good goals for the team. Both in pre-season games and Barclays Premier League games he has played very well.

It will be interesting to see if the two will play together or will have to fight for the strikers spot. Both will be giving their all in the Liverpool football shirts as they fight for Champions League spot this season.

Online soccer stores and high street shops will have enjoyed Liverpool's fine form as of late as they will be reaping in the money off the high sales of Liverpool football shirts. Both the Liverpool away football jersey which was first slated and the home design have been very popular.

The away shirt was hated by many when it was first revealed by Warrior, however it has become quite popular and it one of those types of soccer jerseys you need to really get used to first. The design is white with black and red details and small multi-shaped diamond patterns on the front.

The home shirt does remain the most popular though, sales have soared for this shirt and it is a very nice looking jersey taking some old details and mixing it up with new ones to create the ultimate classic shirt.

Hopefully the squad will continue their great form and can only get better with the return of Luis Saurez, unless for some reason he returns and does not have the same spark that he showed us last year when he puts on his Liverpool football shirts.

The return of the Uruguayan may even disrupt the team, i am sure we will see tonight as Liverpool face Manchester United.

Will Luis Suarez face Manchester United in the starting line up?

How long do you think it will be before he receives a yellow or red card?

Will opponents try and wind him up knowing he has a short fuse?

What are your thoughts?

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