This autumn has been a good time to be a fan of West Ham United football club. After a 13th place finish in the 2013 2014 Premier League, the Hammers have made a comeback this fall. Indeed, they've blasted their way up to sixth place on the division standings table and have even toppled heavyweight teams like Manchester City and Liverpool. All of this success has brought fans out of the woodwork and to Soccer Box, looking for brand new West Ham merchandise.

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2014 2015 Successes

Soccer Box has a piece of West Ham merchandise that will appeal to everyone in the family. And with how well the team is doing in the 2014 2015 season, it's the perfect time to stock up on that merchandise.

Twelve weeks into Premier League play, West Ham United has built a record of five wins, three draws, and four losses. They've scored 20 goals to get there, six of them thanks to current team MVP, Diafra Sakho.

Sakho, a 24-year-old Senegal striker who just recently transferred to the Boleyn Ground, is the secret weapon for the Hammers this year. In 2013 2014, Kevin Nolan led the West Ham football club with seven goals in the Premier League. Those goals were scored over the course of an entire 38-match season. Needless to say, the fact that Sakho has already nearly matched Nolan's numbers (and in only a third of a season, no less) bodes well for United's prospects.

If that isn't reason enough for you to stop by Soccer Box and pick up a new West Ham backpack, consider this: at this point last fall, the Hammers were in dire straits. Twelve weeks into league play, the team had lost half of their matches and only won two. They were sitting in 17th place on the division standings table, and some were wondering if they could end up facing relegation.

The Everton Match

My what a difference a year makes. For a few weeks this fall, United has even found itself in the top five! Just a week ago, they were in fourth place, and in good company with football clubs like Chelsea and Southampton.

An away loss against Everton this past weekend slightly dampened prospects for the West Ham squad, dropping them from fourth to sixth place. With that said, though, the loss was only the squad's fourth defeat this season, and their first since late September. In other words, it's still a good time to buy West Ham merchandise-be it a football scarf or a backpack-as the team will likely bounce back quickly!

Perhaps the reason for the loss was the absence of Diafra Sakho, sidelined with a shoulder injury. Sakho has reliably scored a goal in nearly every match he's played this fall, including points in the key victories against Liverpool and Manchester City. It's no mystery why the Hammers stopped winning football games when he was sidelined at the end of October.

Luckily, Sakho's injury period will supposedly be over at the end of November, which means that the talented striker should be back in commission for upcoming fixtures against Newcastle, West Bromwich Albion, and Swansea City. The team could easily squeeze back into the top five with wins in those matches, so pick up a new West Ham backpack today to cheer them on!

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