With all the changes that have happened in the space of a month at Manchester United including the ever popular Sir Alex Ferguson leaving, sports business owners will be wondering what will happen to sales of the Manchester United kit.

Very near to the end of the 2012-13 season Sir Alex Ferguson retired as manager at Old Trafford after 26 years in charge of the club. He enjoyed some very successful years at the club; he won 38 trophies including 13 Premier League titles and two UEFA Champion's League titles. All of the Manchester United fans loved and respected him and so did the players. It came as a huge shock when the 71 year old announced his retirement and it left a big hole in the club. The next question on everybody's mind was who was going to be the next manager and would they be able to fill the boots of one of the most successful managers of all time.

There were plenty of rumors flying around and stories in the media, bets from bookies and much more. Many people thought that Jose Mourinho would be next to take over at United, as the news had unveiled that he was going to be departing Real Madrid. However this was not the case and it was in fact a fellow Scotsman who got the job, David Moyes from Everton football club. There were mixed opinions over the appointment of Moyes, who has always done well with Everton but not quite got them in to the top four. He signed a six year deal with Manchester United and will have to work hard to succeed Sir Alex Ferguson at the club, however the club's destiny will not just lie in the hands of the manager at the end of the day it is the team that scores the goals and grabs the points.

One of Moyes's main problems when arriving at the club was the on-going issues with Wayne Rooney; the striker has been unsettled for some time now since the arrival of former Arsenal player Robin Van Persie. Rooney had always been the manager's number one striker until RVP was signed, since then he has not started many games. Twice he has handed in transfer requests but he has been denied these, even with several clubs showing an interest in the forward. Rooney has been a big fan favorite for years at United with many young children seeing him as their idol and having his name printed to their Manchester United shirts, sales rocketed within a few months of his signing from Everton to United. Since Moyes has arrived at Old Trafford he is said to have had several talks with Rooney and he keeps repeating that the striker will not be going anywhere, but we will just have to wait and see.

As Sir Alex Ferguson is still on the Manchester United board he will possibly be offering the new manager tips, without forcing them upon him, Moyes must now start making his own decisions. Of course he is going to have completely different training techniques and ways of managing the squad, whether this will be successful or not we are not sure, it could determine the outcome of where the club end up and whether the Manchester United Kit sales will decrease any further.

Do you think that the appointment of David Moyes was a good move by United?
Are you unsure of buying the new kits until you see how the squad do?
Has the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson completely shocked you this season making you wonder if you would like to support another team? Or are you happy with what has happened do and you think the club needed a fresh start? Let us know your thoughts.

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