regular_2013barcelonaprestigefootballBillions of people around the world, if asked, would express their following or support for one football club or another, even in countries where football (also known as soccer) is not the most popular sport.  Being a football supporter means different things to different people, for some it is merely watching the odd game on TV, and occasionally checking the results and league position, for others it plays an important daily part in their lives keeping up to date with team news, rankings and statistics, attending home and away matches and buying team merchandise such as the official replica kits.  Wherever within the scale of these two extremes most football supporters fall they would be happy to receive a football gift based around their chosen team.

The giving of gifts for Christmas and other special occasions is a tradition that has increased significantly over the years, in 2012 the average spend per person on Christmas gifts in the UK was £445, add to this all the other occasions throughout the year such as birthdays, anniversaries, valentines day, mothers and fathers days the amount spent is phenomenal. People like to give gifts because it makes the recipient feel special and cared for, particularly if the gift is appropriate to that specific individual. Â Football gifts are a growing trend and, as the popularity of shopping online has increased so has the availability of products for hundreds of different teams worldwide.

Over the last year despite the unstable economic situation, overall in the Premier League there has been an increase in football attendances of 4%, when you consider the average cost for the cheapest ticket is £28.30 and seasons tickets frequently cost over £500 it is apparent that football is seen as a worthwhile expenditure.  With many people unable to afford the cost of attending a match purchasing football merchandise is an alternative way of showing allegiance, and receiving football gifts from loved ones is much appreciated.

A football gift for a fan could be a pricey purchase such as a full replica kit for an adult size that would cost around £90, or a much smaller but still thoughtful purchase of a mug or a Keyring. At Soccerbox we stock merchandise for club teams from different leagues around the globe as well as for national teams, for each team along with the official kits we also stock a selection of souvenirs that would be ideal football gifts.

Football souvenirs come in all different shapes and sizes and includes everyday items such as bags, hats, scarves and stationary, home essentials including mugs, quilt covers and cushions and the novelty football gifts such as jigsaws, golf balls and pictures to paint for younger supporters.  Whoever the football fan is that you are buying for, a football gift enabling them to show support for their preferred team is a great choice, and an easily accessible purchase for you.

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