Sunday saw the final ten games of this years Premier League Season, with Manchester United securing the top spot several weeks ago and Manchester City safe in second, all eyes were on who would secure third and fourth and the much coveted Champions League places.  Chelsea were guaranteed third or fourth and after beating Everton 2-1 at home ended the season in third place with 75 points.  This left Arsenal and Tottenham fighting for fourth place, Arsenal started the day one point ahead meaning that Tottenham had to secure a win and hope Arsenal lost or drew if they were to gain entry to next years Champions League competition.

Tottenham Hotspur hosted Sunderland at their home stadium of White Hart Lane, while Arsenal travelled to Newcastle. The Spurs game was a hard fought battle with their goalkeeper Mignolet working hard to make numerous saves, the referee refused to award Spurs several penalties one for an attack on Gareth Bale the other for a handball.  Finally in the 90th minute Bale in his number 11 Tottenham Hotspur Kit netted a spectacular strike, securing Spurs their sought after winning score line.  The celebration at White Hart Lane however, didn't last long as it was confirmed that Arsenal had also won their match, with a winning goal scored by Koscielny, meaning the day ended as it had began with Arsenal in the Champions League, and Tottenham facing another year playing in the UEFA Europa League competition.

Gareth Bale is Tottenham Hotspur's star attraction; he was first seen in the Tottenham Hotspur Kit in 2007 when they signed him from Southampton.  During this Premier League season Bale has scored 20 goals in his Tottenham Hotspur Kit making him third in the list of high scorers behind Robin Van Persie and Luis Suarez.  It was reported last week that Bale may not stay at Tottenham next season if they fail to qualify for the Champions League.  Gareth Bale is 23 and has certainly made a reputation for himself as a footballing star this season, this year he has been awarded the PFA Player of the Year and Young Player of the Year as well as the Football Writers Association Player of the Year award, he is only the second player to be awarded all three awards in one season, the first being Christiano Ronaldo in 2007.  Unsurprisingly Bale wants to play at the highest possible level, next summer is the World Cup that Bale will not be taking part in as his home Nation Wales have failed to qualify, therefore the Champions League was his big hope for top level football.  With the transfer window now open a move to a club who have qualified for the Champions League may be on the agenda for Bale.  It is rumoured that Bale is Real Madrid's key target during the summer, with Manchester City and Manchester United also interested in signing him it seems unlikely he will be wearing a Tottenham Hotspur Kit next season.

The Champions League is one of the most prestigious football competitions in the world where the mightiest teams play to be crowned Champions of Europe, the Europa League is a second tier European competition that is often not taken seriously in comparison.  Last week Chelsea boosted the English reputation of the Europa League by beating Benfica in the final to win the competition.  It is improbable that Chelsea's victory will be enough of a boost to keep Bale at Tottenham next season despite the chairman Daniel Levy stating his eagerness to not lose him, Spurs have so far offered Bale around £175,000 a week to stay but thus far a deal has not been signed and Bale had avoided commenting on the direction his football career will take.

What do you think will Gareth Bale still be playing for Spurs next season?

If his leaves where do you think he will be playing next season?

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