For many years the Spain shirt was associated with football failure. The team always had good players on their roster, but no success came. The 'Golden Generation' came along in 2008 and Spain has become the most successful team in the history of football. Will it continue in 2014?

Adidas is the kit sponsor for the Spain shirt. The German sports manufacturers are regarded as the finest in the football world. The Spain World Cup kits will have the Adidas three stripes as a mark of success and integrity.

1964 was the year in which Spain won their first European Championship. They had to wait a long time before winning it again. From 1964 until 2008, generation after generation could not live up to their history and talent.

Cliques formed in successive Spanish football squads and the Spain soccer jersey was never worn with the pride it deserved. It would take something remarkable to rebuild the Spain shirt into one which all the players would fight for on and off the sporting field.

The Spanish national team has managed to build a bridge between the two volatile club players from Real Madrid and Barcelona. There has been a massive divide between the two football clubs for many years, due to highly competitive matches.

Once the two sets of players understood how great they could become if the divide was put behind them, Spain started to realize their football potential. The burden of expectation was finally lifted in 2008 when they defeated Germany in the European Championship final in Vienna.

The victories have continued ever since, stacking up higher and higher as Spain beat record after record to become recognized as the greatest international team. They are now widely regarded as being better than the great Brazil side of the 1960s and 1970s, the German side of the 1970s, and the French team from 1998-2000.

Many players left Spain to play in the EPL over the last 10 years. When they returned to Spain to play for Real Madrid or Barcelona they added the physical English attributes to their Spanish tactical ability. Many football commentators see this as a reason for sustained success at the highest level.

The Spain soccer jersey now has the right to be called a World Champion jersey, as well as a Triple European champion. The qualifying rounds for the World Cup in 2014 threw up a surprise, as they were placed in a group with France. Only one team could guarantee passage to the finals.

After France won the World Cup and European Championships back-to-back in 1998 and 2000 they threatened to do what Spain is doing right now - dominate world football for many years. France would prove to be tough opponents for Spain in the World Cup qualifying phase, but Spain came out on top.

This summer in Brazil, Spain is not being talked about as strong favorites anymore. They have been placed in a very tough group, which is comprised of the team they beat in the last World Cup final, the Netherlands. The other two teams are Chile and Australia. Every World Cup has a 'Group of Death' and Group B seems to be the choice.

Brazil and Germany are the two favorites to win the trophy this summer. The new underdog status might suit Spain as they seek to claim a fourth international trophy in a row, and add a 2nd World Cup winning star to the Spain soccer jersey. If they achieve this, then they will add to their already immortal status as the greatest national team there has ever been.

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