Cesc Fabregas is a Spanish footballer that has made a name for himself as man with an impressive talent on the pitch.  He started his football career at a local Spanish team and was fabregas-arsenal-homequickly signed by the Barcelona youth academy at the young age of ten.  He played alongside other stars such as the renowned Lionel Messi in his original position of defensive midfielder, he was an asset to the youth team scoring over 30 goals in a season however, he was never selected for the first team.

In 2003 at the still very young age of 16 Fabregas made the massive move to England and joined the Arsenal academy.  Initially he spent his time trying to settle into the English lifestyle and learn the language, being so young he thought it would be a while before he had an opportunity to play for the first team.  Surprisingly just six weeks after his move to England he made his first team debut in a League Cup game making him Arsenal's youngest ever first team player.  During the 2004-05 season he began making more regular appearances in an Arsenal football shirt for the first team.  In 2005 he was given the player number 4 and began to make himself an invaluable member of the squad.  In total during his time in London Fabregas made 212 appearances and scored 35 goals, in 2008 he was awarded the prestigious honor of team captaincy.  In 2010 there began to be rumors surrounding Fabregas's future as Barcelona made an offer of €35m for him, this was rejected.

Eventually on 15th August 2011 Fabregas returned to Barcelona for a transfer fee of €29m plus €5m in variables, crucially this deal included a first option buy back clause should he ever want to leave the Spanish giant's.  Despite suffering a hamstring injury Fabregas made regular appearances in the Barca side during his first season there, in total he played in 48 matches and scored fifteen goals helping the team to win the Copa Del Rey, Supercopa de Espana, UEFA Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup.  Despite making a large number of appearances during his two seasons at Barcelona he has rarely had the opportunity to play in his preferred midfield position with Xavi and Iniesta picked over him fueling speculation that he may be looking to move elsewhere.  Fabregas has determinedly stated his desire to stay at Barcelona, however now an offer has been made will he be more willing to leave?

This week Premier League champions Manchester United have offered the Spanish giant's nearly £26m to sign Cesc Fabregas ready for the start of the new season.  Under the terms of the first option buy back clause agreed between Arsenal and Barcelona in 2011 Arsenal now have the option to choose to buy him back at the fixed price of £25m, and will receive half of any profits gained from selling him to another team.  Moyes the new United manager has indicated he may be willing to increase his offer above £30m to secure his first signing, after missing out on Alcantara who chose to move to Bayern Munich instead.  Moving to Manchester United will guarantee Fabregas Premier League football next season and reunite him with Robin Van Persie.  However, will his favorable past at the London based club sway him towards a move that will see him wearing an Arsenal football shirt next season.

What do you think about Manchester United's bid for Fabregas?

Where do you think he should play next year Barcelona, Man Utd or Arsenal?

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