On Thursday, June 12, the 20th FIFA World Cup tournament will begin in Brazil. For one whole month, the event will captivate soccer fans all around the world, and whether you plan on attending a few matches in Brazil or simply observing all of the action from the comfort of your living room, chances are that you are going to want to deck yourself, and your entire family, out in World Cup football shirts that reflect your favorite team.

That's where Soccer Box enters into the picture. We have a wide selection of football gear at any time, but it really broadens during World Cup years, and that is certainly the case right now as we await next month's tournament commencement. From shirts for the heavyweights (five-time winners Brazil, or defending champions and top ranked contenders Spain) to the underdogs (the bright green of Puma's Algeria 2014 FIFA World Cup away jersey), we have official World Cup merchandise for any team you want to cheer for.

World Cup Football Shirts

Picking a Team

Do you have a favorite international football team that you have been supporting for years, or are you more of a casual follower of soccer? Often, people will simply root for their own country's team. In other words, many Americans are still hoping that the USA team will finally clinch a World Cup victory after all these years, while virtually everyone in Britain is pulling for the England team to replicate its win from 1966.

Not everyone cheers for their own country at the World Cup, though. On the contrary, for some people, part of the fun of picking out World Cup football shirts is researching all of the teams, assessing the chances each one has of winning the tournament, or trying to decide which Cup outcome would have the most interesting narrative. For instance, Brazil has a lot of fans because the team has won the World Cup on five occasions and because a sixth victory would truly be a thing to behold.

However, simply cheering for the best teams isn't fun for everyone. For many soccer viewers, the most fun thing about the World Cup is picking out an underdog who no one is betting on to win and cheering for that team for the duration of the tournament.

Such motives might drive a casual soccer fan to purchase an Algeria 2014 FIFA World Cup away jersey. With a FIFA world ranking of 25, most people aren't expecting the Algerian team to even make it past the group stage, but Cinderella stories have happened at the World Cup before, and could certainly happen again.

Sizing up the Underdog

For fans who decide to support an underdog team like Algeria, all the fun of the World Cup comes from looking at statistics, match schedules, and thinking up scenarios that would allow the underdog to become a dark horse contender.

In the case of the Algerian team, the Algeria 2014 FIFA World Cup away jersey might prove to be a fun item to wear for this year's World Cup event, if only because any sort of victory could take the team further than it has ever been on the international stage. In fact, the Algeria national football team has only appeared in three previous World Cup tournaments, and in all of them, the team's chances came to an end after the first round or group stage.

This year, most seeding and betting odds won't count on Algeria moving beyond the group stage. The team doesn't have the most difficult group, having been drawn into Group H with Belgium, Russia, and South Korea. However, since two of those teams are still ranked ahead of Algeria (Belgium and Russia), players from the African team will have to force a few upsets if they are going to advance to the knockout stage.

Whether you want to root for the underdogs like Algeria or the top dogs like Spain and Brazil, though, Soccer Box has the World Cup football shirts you are looking for. Stop by now and place an order early so that your shirt can be sure to arrive before the World Cup begins in June!