The Honduras national football team is not traditionally thought of as a contender for the FIFA World Cup football tournament. After all, the team has only appeared in the global football event on two separate occasions, once in 1982 and once in 2010, at the most recent Word Cup event in South Africa.

This year, however, a strong season has pushed the Honduras team into their first-ever consecutive World Cup berth. Unsurprisingly, fans have responded by stocking up on World Cup soccer jerseys, booking tickets for this summer's Brazil event, and getting psyched for the biggest month of soccer action to come along in four years.

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World Cup History

On their two previous visits to the FIFA World Cup, the members of the Honduras national football team have done enough to turn their world cup soccer jerseys into banners of pride for their country, but not well enough to upset the status quo of the worldwide football community. In fact, on both previous visits to the World Cup, Honduras was eliminated in the group stage, without making it to the top 16 or beyond.

Thus far, one of the problems that the Honduras team has faced is placement in tough groups. In 1982, for instance, the team was put up against Spain the hosts of the World Cup that year and Northern Ireland.

Both teams would ultimately finish in the top 12 for the tournament (as determined years after the fact when FIFA did retrospective rankings of World Cup participants), but Honduras managed to hold each of them to a draw in the group stage. Ironically, it was Yugoslavia, the least skilled of the three challengers, that managed to beat Honduras in the group stage and eliminate the team from contention.

In 2010, on the other hand, Honduras was placed into Group H. The group included eventual World Cup champions Spain, as well as Chile, another team that was in top form at the time. Honduras lost to both teams and was swiftly eliminated from the tournament, despite mustering a draw against Switzerland, the other group member.

Honduras Seeks to Capitalize on Momentum for 2014 Tournament

Ultimately, FIFA ranked Honduras at 30th place (out of 32 teams) for the 2010 World Cup, a disappointing finish for a soccer collective that had shown great promise leading up to the tournament. This year however, fans are already wearing their Honduras World Cup away shirt 2014 in hopes that history will not repeat itself.

It's not surprising that Honduras fans have high hopes for their national football team at this year's World Cup. Currently, the team is positioned at 32 on FIFA's world rankings. However, during World Cup qualification matches, the Honduras national football team defeated numerous more highly ranked teams, including the United States (13) and Mexico (19).

In addition, the most highly ranked team that Honduras will face during the group stage is Switzerland (8) a team that they managed to draw a match with in 2010's World Cup. In order to advance beyond the group stage and into the group of 16, Honduras will need to challenge France and Ecuador, both of which are worthy opponents, but not impossible match-ups.

Cheer Your Team with Soccer Box Gear

Regardless of what happens during this year's group stage, though, one thing is for sure: fans in the stands and at home will be making their presence known and cheering Honduras toward victory with the Honduras World Cup away shirt 2014.

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