Hopes are very high for a Spanish victory at this year's World Cup. Not only did the Spain national soccer team win the most recent World Cup in 2010 (their first), but the team also won back-to-back FIFA European Championships in 2008 and 2012 Xavi 8 Spain 2014 World Cup Home Jerseyand was on fire enough during World Cup qualification to stay at the top of the FIFA world rankings list. Now, the team has officially announced its 30-man squad for the 2014 World Cup, and it's one that will have fans wearing many a Xavi 8 Spain 2014 World Cup home jersey among other player-specific kits and merchandise.

You can find all manner of Spain football shirts including the Xavi shirt mentioned above at Soccer Box's online store. All of the jerseys are made by Adidas, with the home kits boasting a classic red and gold color scheme and the away shirts using a subtler black and gold dichotomy. Both types are perfect for fans looking forward to supporting their team as it fights for a second World Cup title.

A Xavi Dynasty

The Xavi 8 Spain 2014 World Cup home jersey is one of the most popular pieces of Spain team merchandise that we have at Soccer Box, and for good reason. As a soccer veteran who has been playing with the Spanish team since 2000 (and made 130 team appearances in that time, no less), Xavier "Xavi" Hernandez is the most decorated player in the history of the Spanish team.

Where have those decorations come from? Xavi's Spanish football shirts have been marked with trophies, medals, and titles from virtually every corner of the football community, from his roles helping the Spanish team with the World Cup and Euro 2008 and 2012 to numerous inclusions on the UEFA Team of the Year list for his contributions to league play.

And indeed, Xavi has made ample contributions to league football, just as he has to the Spanish national team. The midfielder has been playing with the Barcelona football club in Spain since 1998, notching more than 700 appearances with the team. Now, he has signed a contract that will keep him on until 2016, meaning many more appearances are yet to come.

A Skilled Spain Squad

While Xavi is certainly one of the biggest stars to wear the Spain football shirts, known for being able to rack up assists and create scoring opportunities for other players, as well as sometimes scoring himself, he is certainly not the only reason that the Spain team is considered a frontrunner to win the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

On the contrary, the Spain squad this year is stacked with star players, hailing from clubs as diverse as Manchester City, Real and Atletico Madrid, and Juventus. In addition to Xavi, Soccer Box has Spain football shirts celebrating several of these players, including Andres Iniesta, another midfielder hailing from the Barcelona football club, Fernando Torres, an attacker who plays for Chelsea during the regular season, and David Villa, an attacker for Atletico Madrid.

Collectively, the squad forms a near-unstoppable soccer force that will fight to bring its second-ever World Cup victory. The task won't be easy, with Germany nipping at Spain's heels on the FIFA rankings and with Brazil shooting for a sixth World Cup title on its home turf.

Still, no one is doubting Spain's domination of the group stage (against 2010 runners-up, the Netherlands, as well as easier opponents like Chile and Australia). Spain has never lost to any of the three teams in World Cup play, and the team of course doesn't plan on starting now.

Do you think Spain is going to make good on its promising squad to win back-to-back World Cups, or do you think another potential winner is lurking in the shadows? If you chose the former answer, then support the Spanish team (and one of your favorite players) with a Xavi 8 Spain 2014 World Cup home jersey.