Nicknamed The Copper Bullets, the Zambia national soccer team booted their way to glory in 2012 Africa Cup of Nations league play, and followed that up with a resounding triumph in the Council of Southern Africa Football Association (COSAFA) 2013 tournament. The Copper Bullets share most number of COSAFA champions with Zimbabwe, and the national football team's players serve on clubs the world over, including in the U.S., Europe, and Latin America. Whenever The Copper Bullets appear likely to storm to an Africa Cup of Nations or COSAFA win, Zambia football shirts magically appear all over the continent and in more than a few other countries.

The Zambia soccer team and its head coach Patrice Beaumelle as well as captain Christopher Katongo all declare that the best lies ahead for The Copper Bullets in the 2014 - 2015 season. If team fortunes hold steady, it's a sure bet that many fans at the Zambia football team's home, Levy Mwanawasa Stadium, will be waving the Zambia home jersey 2014 - 2015 edition high overhead, amid characteristic chants describing team glory.

Zambia National Football Team Has a Storied Past

The Copper Bullets have a storied past in Southern Africa soccer play that's also mixed with no small amount of historic tragedy. Named after the country's main export, copper, the Zambia side took a stunning 4-0 win over the Italian national team, known the world over as The Azurri, or "Blues," at the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Italy is one of the most successful national teams in soccer history, with several World Cup championships to its credit. That day in 1988, though, it seemed as if a stadium full of Zambia football shirts were madly being waved the world over.

Zambia head football coach, Frenchman Patrice Beaumelle, hopes to return The Copper Bullets and their Zambia home jersey 2014 - 2015 version to such world-beating ways in the upcoming season and at the next Olympics to be held in 2016. Zambia football shirts are always a favorite among football cognoscenti attending international soccer matches, and the spirit and zest displayed by Zambia's national football players helps propel their popularity as well. Soccer Box proudly carries a range of Copper Bullets merchandise, including soccer jerseys as well as the team's complete football kit.

Certainly, Zambia's recent successes have helped its fans cope with the still stinging 1993 air tragedy in which the Zambian Air Force plane transporting the club to a World Cup qualifying match against Senegal crashed. Everybody aboard the plane lost their lives, including all 18 Copper Bullets players as well as their coaches and other staff. Many a tear was shed, and more than a few of the older style Zambia football shirts also retired in memory of that tragic event. However, Zambian soccer never stays down for long, and on eight occasions since 1993 The Copper Bullets either finished as COSAFA champions or as immediate runner-ups.

Future of the Zambian Team Also Bright

Fans of the Zambia home jersey 2014 - 2015 edition hope to have much to cheer about when the team next takes to the pitch. Head coach Beaumelle and captain Katongo are never-say-die characters, though both take a long view of matters. 2013's COSAFA championship is definitely on their minds when it comes to planning for a sterling effort in the season to come, and Zambia soccer is sure to garner a lot of attention throughout Southern Africa. Soccer Box believes the Zambia soccer shirt will be popular, as will much of its other gear, including full soccer kits and a variety of commemorative wear and other items.

Soccer analysts say the Zambia national football team seems well-stocked for the future, with a healthy mix of veteran and younger players. A number of Copper Bullets players range in age from 19 years to 21 years, meaning their best years should last at least a decade more. As Zambia players head to their professional clubs, either in Africa or around the world, the experience and skills the younger players gain are sure to be augmented by the steady leadership provided by several veterans, including Katongo. The Zambia captain shows no sign of slowing down as yet.

There's never been a better time to catch the excitement generated whenever The Copper Bullets take to the pitch, and purchasing a few Zambia football shirts for friends and family is sure to increase such excitement to a fever pitch.