The Zambia national soccer team is beloved by fans the world over. This African country has only been active in the international football scene since the late 1940s, a relatively young team by international standards. In spite of their young age, The Copper Bullets from Zambia are a recognized force in African soccer, and their brand new Zambia football shirts are sure to look great on players and fans at their upcoming matches.

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Team Zambia's International Football History 

Zambia's national football team was grown from the ashes of North and South Rhodesia under British colonial rule. Football had always been a popular sport in the country ever since European settlers introduced it. After the country gained its independence in 1964, they renamed themselves the KK11, after Kenneth Kaunda, one of the country's founding fathers.

Since then, they have simplified their name to simply Zambia, and continue to play under that moniker today. The Zambia home jersey 2014 - 2015 has been changed to display a more understated team emblem, with a green on green design in lieu of the normal green and orange team colors. You can find the new Zambia home jersey right here at Soccer Box, your one stop shop for the best national team fan gear.

In the early 1990s, tragedy fell upon the Zambian soccer community. On the way to a 1994 World Cup qualification match, a Zambian air force plane carrying the team crashed between Zambia and Senegal, a total loss for The Copper Bullets. The team lost over 18 members that day, players and staff included, in a catastrophe with effects felt throughout African football.

Achieving Glory in the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations

The Cup of Nations is the biggest international soccer event in Africa, with teams coming from across the continent to compete for the chance to call themselves the best. The first Cup of Nations in 1957 only played host to three competing nations, but has since grown to a mighty 16. Every fan of The Copper Bullets can recount Zambia's triumphant victory in the 2012 Cup of Nations; one of Zambian soccer's most defining moments.

The final match of that fateful tournament was between Zambia and Ivory Coast and was one of the most dramatic moments in African football. Ivory Coast was a far more experienced team, favored to win by most in attendance at that year's Cup of Nations. The game came down to a standoff in the form of a penalty shootout, from which Zambia emerged victorious.

The Zambian's first international title was won, and dedicated to the teammates they lost in the tragic early ‘90s air catastrophe, but unfortunately they haven't seen much success since then. 2013 was a quiet year for Zambia, with internal struggles paralyzing the team for much of their season. There is no telling what 2014 holds for the Zambian team, but fans remain true to The Copper Bullets through thick and thin.

Nike created the new Zambia home jersey 2014 - 2015 in efforts to unify the team's national effort and get them back in shape for their next big tournament. The team's fixtures currently look a little sparse, with only one recent international friendly to speak of. Their schedule may stay relatively empty until after the 2014 World Cup.

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