Last season saw FC Zenit St Petersburg drawing within close striking distance of the top of the Russian Premier League table. Zenit St Petersburg Away Shirt 2014 - 2015This year, the team is hoping to clinch its first Russian football championship title since the 2011 2012 season, and to celebrate that fact, Soccer Box has stocked up on the stunning new Zenit St Petersburg football jersey products that the club has recently released to the public.

One of our favorite soccer jerseys of the new season is the Zenit St Petersburg away shirt 2014 2015. With this gorgeous new soccer shirt, kit manufacturer Nike has taken last year's simple away shirt design and added to it. Where last year's Zenit St Petersburg away jersey was essentially just a basic white jersey with sky blue trim, this year's shirt adds a splash of bright and dark blues that help the jersey stand out from the sea of other plain white soccer uniforms.

Zenit St Petersburg Football Jersey

The New Away Shirt

To paint a clearer picture, the away version of this year's Zenit St Petersburg football jersey is marked by a diagonal band or sash of color that spans the entire shirt, from the right shoulder to the left hip. On the shoulder side, the sash is a darker blue. On the hip side, it's the same bright sky blue color that makes up Zenit St Petersburg's home shirt.

Both sash colors on the Zenit St Petersburg away shirt 2014 2015 meet in the middle of the jersey where the logo of kit sponsor Gazprom is featured proudly in Zenit sky blue. The Nike swoosh appears in white on the darker blue side of the sash, while the Zenit St Peterburg logo floats in the shirt's white space on the left breast. A V-neck collar completes the transformation of this year's away jersey from what it was last year.

A Close Defeat

Perhaps the reason for the transformation indicated by the bold new design Zenit St Petersburg away shirt 2014 2015 is that the Zenit St Petersburg soccer club is simply upset that last season did not end in a Russian Premier League title for the team.

This doesn't mean that Zenit didn't fight for the championship slot. On the contrary, when all was said and done in the 2013 2014 Russian Premier League season, Zenit St Petersburg had amassed a record of 19 wins, 6 draws, and 5 losses, for a total league score of 63 points.

In comparison, the winning team on last season's championship table, defending champions CSKA Moscow, ended the season with 19 wins, 6 draws, and 5 losses, for a grand total of 64 points. It was a razor-sharp margin of victory for the Moscow side, and a harsh pill to swallow for Zenit St Petersburg.

Two Disappointments

The failure to win the Russian Premier League title last season was a particularly harsh one for Zenit St Petersburg, and for two reasons. First of all, had Zenit St Petersburg simply won or drawn a single other match all season, the Zenit St Petersburg football jersey would have been the football kit at the top of the Russian Premier League podium, rather than the CSKA Moscow shirt.

That's because St Petersburg had Moscow beat by a fair margin in terms of goal difference. Where CSKA Moscow had scored 49 goals throughout the season, St Petersburg had scored 63. While St Petersburg allowed more goals than Moscow-their tallies were 32 and 26, respectively-the numbers still put Zenit St Petersburg's goal difference at +31 and CSKA Moscow's at only +23.

The other reason the 2013 2014 Russian Premier League defeat was so disappointing for Zenit St Petersburg was that it marked the second straight season where the club had narrowly missed a slot atop the division table. In 2012 2013, St Petersburg finished just two points behind CSKA Moscow in the final season tallies. Zenit St Petersburg was the top squad in terms of goal difference that year as well.

After two narrow misses, could this be the year that Zenit St Petersburg finally beats CSKA Moscow to the top Russian Premier League? Show your support for the team by purchasing a Zenit St Petersburg football jersey from Soccer Box.