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The traditional colour scheme for PSG utilizes red, blue and white however, the distribution of these colours between kits has varied widely since the clubs inception in 1970. Over the years the PSG Away Kit has primarily been either white or red but other colours have also featured on occasion. Here at Soccer Box we have the latest PSG away kits available for you to order, so take a look at what’s available today.

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The style of the PSG football kits has caused much consternation among fans over the years. The popular Hetcher shirt that was first introduced in 1973, was initially the first choice style, but has also often been used for the away kit. Most often the away jersey has been white, with a red central stripe and thinner blue framing stripes. This reverses the colours of the Hetcher style home shirt, while maintaining the general aesthetic.

Elegance, Respect, Passion - PSG Away Kits Defined!

Nike, as the team’s kit manufacturer since 1989, has been liberal with their application of the famed design, and tried to introduce new styling to the PSG away kits. Grey was used on several occasions during the 2000’s but proved to be unpopular with fans.

In recent years blue has generally been reserved as the primary colour for the home kit, leaving white and red for the away and third football kits. Nike has opted to switch between the two offering a predominately white away kit for a few seasons, then changing to red, and vice versa for the Paris Saint Germain third kit. 

Depending on the style and ethos being promoted for that season Nike uses the colour most relevant. The blue part of the kit symbolizes elegance, while a predominance of white signifies respect, and passion is denoted with red. There is no denying that the PSG squad exudes these three traits in abundance no matter what kit they are wearing.

The PSG away and third kit offers the squad varying options in addition to their first choice kit. The away kit is primarily worn for away fixtures in the French Ligue 1 competition. The third kit is generally reserved for use in Coupe de France and European tournaments. However, there will be some crossover and with club logos adorning each kit whichever you choose will show your support for Les Parisiens.

Both the away and third kits will be found on this category, to find the home excellent training kit navigate to the PSG training kit shop. We are supplied directly by Nike ensuring that you are shopping for genuine merchandise. For kids and adults, shirt, shorts and socks the PSG away kit store has it all. We aim to keep our prices competitive, our shopping cart is fully secure and we offer worldwide shipping options for your convenience. Stock is limited so order your kits today.

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