Borussia Dortmund Home Shirts

Borussia Dortmund normally wears a yellow shirt for all of their home football games when playing in the German league. They are quite lucky as there are not many German football teams that wear yellow for their home matches so Dortmund can wear the home shirts for quite a lot of away games. 

The design of the Borussia Dortmund home football shirt has changed quite a lot over the years from being made from heavy cotton to nice light polyester with the players wearing a special shirt that soak up the perspiration. The change over recent years has been very significant with the introduction of sponsorship and players names and numbers appearing on the back of the shirts.
Changes to the BVB home shirt over the years include the addition of black trimmings on the sleeves and collars to black stripes zig zagging across the shirt. German Sportswear Company Puma are the manufacturers of the Dortmund home shirt.

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