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Torino is one of Italy’s oldest and most notable football clubs. They have spent much of their time playing in the top-flight Serie A with 88 seasons to date (correct as of Sept 2016). The history and success of the club makes the Torino football shirts popular both in Italy and around the globe, and you can now order yours right here at Soccer Box. But hurry, stock is limited so order your jersey before they sell out.

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Originally founded in 1906 Torino was formed through the merger of Football Club Torinese and a group of Juventus dissidents. The club first won the top-flight title in 1928, but without doubt their most successful period was the 1940’s. During this period they won five back-to-back titles, a record in Serie A football to this date and now tied with Juventus and Inter Milan.

Glory to Disaster for Torino Football Team

The 1940’s mark’s not only the most successful period in the clubs history to date, but also a time of great tragedy. In 1949, just two days before Torino officially won their 5th consecutive title the entire squad was killed in the Superga air disaster. This was a huge blow to the club, which subsequently resulted in poor performances and relegation to Serie B in 1959.

The proceeding years have resulted in highs and lows, with another Serie A victory in 1976, and further stints in Serie B in both the 1990’s and 2000’s. However, since their 2005 return to Serie A Torino has maintained it’s position as a top-flight Italian football club.

With top-tier football comes kudos and supporters, and demand for the Torino shirts. Since 2008 Kappa has been the manufacturer of the clubs match day and training kits, and we are proud to have the official team shirt available to purchase.

A Torino Shirt Story

As with the clubs history, the story of the Torino home shirt colour scheme is an interesting one. The very first Torino kit consisted of orange and black stripes, however this was quickly ditched in favour of Granata - the deep red colour that is still worn today. There are many stories of why this colour was chosen, the most widely accepted is that it was is honour of the Duke of the Abruzzi and the House of Savoy. 

The choice of a Bull as part of the Torino badge is easier to decipher. The bull represents the city of Torino. Over the years the badge has evolved and matured, but the bull remains. In fact, in 2013 it was voted as the most beautiful football badge of all time by the readers of Guerin Sportivo.

Whether you have followed the evolvement of Torino or are new to the Italian Serie A make Soccer Box your first stop for Torino football shirts. We are supplied directly by Kappa ensuring you are shopping for genuine merchandise. Our shopping cart is secure and we offer worldwide delivery options, we also have a dedicated customer service number should you have any queries.

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