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Football or soccer as it is known in America is beginning to take hold and overtake other sports as one of the most popular both at a professional and amateur level. As such the amount of North and Central American clubs that are gaining in popularity and interest is immense. Here at Soccer Box we aim to stock North & Central America Clubs Shirts for a variety of teams.

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  1. Miami FC Home Shirt 2016
    Miami FC Home Shirt 2016
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  2. New York City Home Football Shirt 2016/17
    New York City Home Football Shirt 2016/17
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  3. Santos Laguna Home Shirt 2016-17
    Santos Laguna Home Shirt 2016-17
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  4. Monterrey Home Football Shirt 2016-17
    Monterrey Home Football Shirt 2016-17
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  5. Miami FC Away Shirt 2016
    Miami FC Away Shirt 2016
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Order Official North & Central American Clubs Shirts Here!

At Soccer Box we stock a range of team’s from both the Major League Soccer (MLS) and Liga MX. So whether you are from the North or Central America, you can purchase a jersey for your beloved team and show it off with pride. Fans of these clubs stretch across the globe which is why we offer an international shipping service to ensure that every supporter can get their hands on a shirt.

About Major League Soccer (MLS)

Currently Major League Soccer (MLS) is the biggest league in the Western Hemisphere, and features the top football clubs from the United States and Canada. MLS is split into the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference each with 10 teams, making a total 20-team league.

MLS runs from March to October with each team playing a total of 34 matches. This regular season concludes with a 12-team MLS Cup Play-Off, which is a different format to that used in Europe, but is consistent to other American leagues. The timetabling of football in North and Central America is such that it clashes with major tournaments such as the FIFA World Cup. However, at the time of writing there are no plans to change the schedule to coordinate with European football as it would then clash with other popular American sports timetables for example NFL, hockey and basketball leagues.

LA Galaxy, New York City and New York Red Bulls are some of the best-known MLS clubs around the globe. Signing European footballers has raised the profile of these clubs, for example David Beckham playing at LA Galaxy from 2007-2012, and Frank Lampard joining New York City in 2015. You can buy official football shirts for these three MLS teams here at Soccer Box.

The second tier of football in the USA is the North American Soccer League. This league is home to newly formed team Miami FC, and their shirt deal with Macron enables us to bring their latest home and away jerseys to our online inventory. With the rise of soccer as a sport throughout North and Central America it is likely that we will see the creation of many new clubs over the coming years, with the expansion of MLS and league soccer throughout North America also likely.

About Liga MX

Also part of the North and Central American clubs section of our online store we also stock Mexican Liga MX football shirts. Interestingly despite soccer being newer to sports fans in North America the sport is well developed in Mexico and Central America, perhaps taking inspiration from their more southern counterpart countries.

Liga MX was founded in 1943. The Mexican football league is split into two portions the Apertura followed by the Clausura, which is played between 18 clubs followed by a play-off after which the winning team is awarded the trophy. You will find jerseys for Club America, Club Atlas and Monarcas Morelia, all Liga MX teams, take a look today.

Ordering from Soccer Box

North and Central American clubs are gaining in prosperity with league football being broadcast around the globe. Choose your favourite clubs and pick up football shirts right here. And look out for the addition of more teams and jerseys as football in this region of the world becomes even more popular. From LA Galaxy to Santos Laguna, there is something for everybody here.

Here at Soccer Box we stock the official jerseys which have been shipped directly to us from the manufacturers. Therefore you can browse with ease knowing that you are ordering authentic North & Central American Clubs Shirts from us for yourself or your family and friends.

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