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Welcome to the football socks page here at Soccer Box. Within this section of our online store you will be able to purchase the matching socks to the jersey and bottoms of your favourite soccer team. Complete the entire replica strip all in one place by having a browse through our fantastic array of children’s and men’s UK shoe sizes today and expand on your match-day look instantly. Be sure to act fast though as our stock levels of these authentic replica socks are very limited. Sourced direct from the manufacturer, we can guaranteed that you are getting the official gear from us, so shop below today and fill your basket.


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Range of Football Socks Manufacturers

Although we stock a fantastic variety of shirts and socks for teams worldwide, we only have a limited selection of socks for the most popular clubs. Therefore below is a reduced list of manufacturers who produce the football socks which we have available in children’s and adults sizes for you to order:

  • Nike
  • New Balance
  • Adidas
  • Puma
  • Umbro

Nike is the biggest producer of soccer apparel and is currently dominating the Premier League kits with more signed clubs that the other manufacturers. Therefore you will be able to find a vast array of the socks made by the American sportswear brand for UK and Europeans soccer clubs as well as national teams too.

The largest contract New Balance has is with Liverpool; therefore you will mainly be able to find these socks available within our website. However, they also manufacture the kits for the Irish national team, and you are sure to find a small collection of socks for them too.

Adidas and Puma come second and third behind Nike when it comes to be the largest companies we stock; therefore we are not surprised that they supply a number of teams worldwide. You will not only come across high quality socks for clubs in the top flight leagues, but you can also find a number of countries as well.

Another great brand we have available here at Soccer Box is Umbro. They do not currently have a large amount of teams in which they produce kits for, but they do have a number in the top flight leagues. One of these main examples is West Ham United. Browse through our selection of high quality individual socks for children and adults, but you can also find socks within the kits for younger fans too.

Moisture Control Technology Used in Football Socks

One of the consistent aspects of replica soccer kits is their moisture absorption technology. Therefore it is guaranteed that most manufacturers such as Nike and Adidas will incorporate their sweat-reducing fabric into the production process of the football socks.

Although the naming differs from brand to brand, their main objectives remain the same. And this is to ensure that the material of your socks is breathable to reduce rubbing and friction within the boot caused by excess perspiration. Therefore by adding moisture controlling technology into the design of the socks is a fabulous idea as it keeps them in line with the specification of the football shorts and shirt too.

What Makes Football Socks Different to Standard Socks?

When it comes to kitting yourself or your child out with a replica kit to play in or wear with pride, it is important that you purchase specialised socks for football. This is because not only do they contain moisture control technology as mentioned above, they also have a number of additional features too. These attributes have been skilfully placed in order to enhance the player’s performance through heightened comfort and security. Therefore below we will explore the aspects of football socks which make them the perfect choice for the sport:

  • Elasticated panel
  • Cushioned protection on toes and ankles
  • Anatomical shaping
  • Knee length with elasticated cuffs

Some brands such as New Balance and Adidas feature a ribbed elastic panel of fabric around the foot. This added detailing improves the security of the fabric against your foot, thus reducing the likelihood rubbing.

Areas of padded cushioning have been implemented on the key impact zones of the feet. These being the arches, ankles and toes, you can be assured that they will be well protected within the boot thanks to this attribute. Absorbing the impact of the force against your foot, this technology disperses the feeling, thus reducing the occurrence of injury.

Another great aspect of football socks is that they are shaped according to the curve of the left and right foot. This specialised fit ensures that the fabric can sit snug against the body without any irritation caused by excess material. It also improves the comfort of the socks by having them specially designed to the foot with the annotation of L and R on the base.

And finally, the only aspect of these socks seen above the boot is the length and finish of them. By introducing a knee length style with an elasticated cuff, these socks are sure to remain in place throughout the tournament – just like the players’. The elastic also allows the garment to expand accordingly to place shin guards underneath without compromising on the security of the elastic.

Another great thing about football socks is that the technologies come as standard for the individual pairs. And you are also able to pick up socks for field players as well as goalies. For example you can pick up the Bayern Munich goalkeeper socks which contain the same replica technology as the field players’, but the only difference is, is that they are designed within accordance to their matching top and bottoms.

Ordering Your Football Socks from Soccer Box

Shipping all over the world at express rates, you are guaranteed to receive your purchases in an instant after dispatch. Or alternatively you can opt to buy the socks over the phone or online and select our collection service to pick-up from our warehouse.

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