Liverpool Retro Shirts and Training Wear

Welcome to our Liverpool Retro Kit page here at Soccer Box where you will find vintage jerseys and training wear for the Premier League football club. We have a wide range of clothing options available which hold a great significance to supporters. Celebrate your support for the Liverbirds today by paying homage to one of their greatest achievements by ordering a retro jersey today. We offer a selection of adult’s sizes in each of the products listed below. Shop confidently today knowing that you are buying official licensed shirts and training gear.

Why Buy Liverpool Retro Gear?

Recently, Liverpool has celebrated their 125th anniversary in the professional soccer leagues. Due to their long-term establishment in the football world, there have been several manufacturers who have received the contract and rights to produce the Liverpool home, away, third and training wear ranges over many years. Within these contracts we have seen the brands constantly adapting and updating the design of each kit from season to season which causes great anticipation for what the kit will look like next.

However, with the latest launches often coming with a high price tag, some avid supporters of Liverpool may feel put off from purchasing the new trends each season and instead would want to invest in a timeless jersey. This is where the retro jerseys and training wear we have available at Soccer Box come in. With a lower price to the latest shirts, these vintage jerseys celebrate a significant part of the club’s history in a patriotic way.

We often find that the retro Liverpool shirts are the most sought after of the kits as they often hold a special place in supporters’ hearts as they were worn by the players during iconic moments in Liverpool’s history. As well as the special link to the retro shirts, they are also in demand because manufacturers simply don’t make them anymore. At the end of each season, the brand shifts its focus to the next launch which means the older kits never get reproduced, thus making them rare.

Types of Vintage Liverpool Kit Available

On this page you will find our wide range of vintage Liverpool shirts that has been reproduced by a licensed manufacturer of the Liverpool kit. Coverage a range of eras, you will be able to get your hands-on retro kit and training wear such as these listed below:

  • Liverpool home shirt
  • Liverpool away shirt
  • Liverpool jacket

The most popular choice for supporters is the Liverpool home shirts as they rarely change in appearance and contain the signature red and white colour way of the club. You can also get away with wearing the older home shirts to games and matches to support your team while still feeling current with those donning the latest releases as the appearance of the shirt is so similar.

But if you want to stand out from the crowd and celebrate a significant match that Liverpool won, you can look at ordering one of the Liverpool away shirts we have available. The away kits offer manufacturers the freedom to switch up the design of the jersey which means that you will see an array of away shirts in different styles available here at Soccer Box.

Complete your match-day look with a retro jacket inspired by the one worn by players prior to their soccer matches. As part of the Liverpool training wear the jackets are very popular as you can wear them with the kit to keep you warm while watching your idols play, or you can easily throw them on with your own clothes for a simplistic way of showcasing your support for Liverpool day to day.

Ordering Your Liverpool Retro Kit at Soccer Box

Here at Soccer Box we have gone directly to the licensed manufacturer of the retro Liverpool kits in order to source our stock of the jerseys and training wear listed above. We have a very limited amount of each item available though, so we recommend that you find your perfect fit today and head over to the checkout before it is too late. Whether you choose to order online using our secure payment portal or over the phone with our helpful staff, you could receive your new soccer shirt in an instant by choosing our speedy global shipping method at the checkout.

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