Newcastle United Football Souvenirs

Here is the number one place to get all of our Newcastle United Football Souvenirs for an amazing price. All of our stock is supplied direct by the respective manufacturer in order to validate the authenticity of our NUFC merchandise. Show off that signature black and white striped design with ultimate pride when sporting these high quality collectibles. From accessories which can be worn, displayed and used day to day, take a look through our vast selection of products listed below. And don’t forget that our fast international shipping options available will deliver your parcel straight to your doorstep rapidly!

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Wearable Newcastle United Accessories

A fantastic way to pledge allegiance to your number one Premier League football team is to don authentic accessories on your body. These can be worn by themselves or alongside the official NUFC replica sportswear also available here at Soccer Box. Below is a list of the type of wearable accessories you can order from us today from this category page:

  • Sunglasses
  • Newcastle United Scarf
  • Official Cap

The NUFC sunglasses we stock come in two different designs. One is a plain black style with the team’s crest and name along the legs of the glasses. And the other pair is more of a novelty approach whereby they are black and white; one of the lenses features the classic stripes and the other displaying their nickname ‘Magpies’. Both of these excellent designs include UV protection to keep your eyes well protected from the sun’s rays in the summertime.

We also stock a fantastic quality scarf which displays the black and white stripes vertically across the length of the item. Both ends of the garment feature the NUFC crest and in the centre of the accessory is the wording ‘Newcastle United’. Making this scarf highly versatile, you can wear it to keep warm during winter fixtures or display it in your room or car. There is also the option to hold it like a banner at matches to show your support for the squad from the stands.

Another way you can wear your beloved team’s crest is by wearing a cap during the summer. Produced in an all-black design, this hat features the Newcastle United emblem on the front and the Puma logo to the rear. There is also an adjustable strap to the back of the cap to provide a snug and comfortable fit. And the peak of the hat is great for protecting your face from the sun’s rays.

Displayable Newcastle United Merchandise

Along with wearable accessories, you can also purchase displayable merchandise from us here at Soccer Box. Perfect for carrying your essentials or showcasing in your room, these souvenirs are 100% authentic and have been produced to a high standard. Below are the products you can get from us:

  • NUFC Pennant
  • Bag Buddy
  • Mini Boxing Gloves
  • Newcastle United Keyring
  • Beanie Bear
  • Air Freshener
  • Street Sign

A pennant is a great way to show off your support for Newcastle United if you have limited space in your room or car to hang a sign up. This pennant features a monochrome chequered background with the NUFC emblem in full colour placed in the centre. Either side of this design is a black panel with ‘Newcastle United’ presented within. Complete with fringing and a hanging string, this accessory can be showcased just about anywhere.

Perfect for your keys we have two types of keyring available. One is a bag buddy which is a black teddy bear wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the Newcastle United crest in full colour. And the other is silver metal with a rotating disk in the middle which is made to look like a football with the soccer team’s crest in the centre. And around the outer ring of this accessory the Newcastle United name can be seen.

Great for hanging over your rear view mirror in your car or on the handle hooks in the back, small boxing gloves adorned with the team’s crest is a perfect novelty item. Due to their miniature size you are able to display these with ease without fear of greatly obstructing your view in the car or they can even be placed around the house.

Excellent for younger supporters, we also stock a beanie bear which can be displayed on a shelf, bed or even on the dashboard of your car. Produced to a high quality, this bear is black in colour with white ears which resembles the football team’s signature colour scheme. And in the middle of their belly the NUFC emblem has been woven in full colour.

Why purchase a standard air freshener for your car when you can have one sporting the emblem of your cherished soccer club? Our Newcastle United air fresher is a white disk with the crest in the centre and a black string attached to hang it up.

And finally, another way you can pledge allegiance to the Magpies is to order a replica street sign to that seen at the St James’ Park Stadium. As this can be shown off on display in a number of ways, this merchandise is a superb choice for fans of all ages.

Travel and Homeware Newcastle United Souvenirs

Lastly, there are also items of souvenirs which can be used both at home and on the move. These are fantastic as you can update your everyday essentials with these supreme quality accessories. Here are the types of products you can order from Soccer Box:

  • Reversible Single Duvet Set
  • Gym Sack
  • Lunch Bag
  • Newcastle United Wallet
  • Stationary Set
  • Weening Bowl

Manufactured for a single duvet only, our supply of reversible duvet sets are an excellent investment for supporters. Allowing you to display the Newcastle United crest in more than one way, this bed set is a great gift idea.

Transport your training or school gear in style by purchasing a gym sack complete with the team’s emblem. Providing one storage compartment, this bag has easy access through the draw string closure, making it more convenient to access the contents. You can also update your child’s lunch bag too with one shaped like an NUFC jersey.

You can even get a Velcro wallet which shows off the Magpies logo and is made from their signature colour scheme. This accessory has a number of storage pockets to keep all of your cards and money organised.

For school or at home, we also stock a stationary set which features the NUFC branding. Consisting of a notebook, pencils, ruler sharper, rubber, clip and pencil case, this box is perfect for preparing for the new term.

Lastly, you can also find a weaning bowl with the Magpies’ logo branded on the lid of the accessory. These are perfect for teaching your baby to eat and can also be a way of introducing them into a lifelong journey of supporting this Premier League team.

Ordering your Official NUFC Gear at Soccer Box

Bringing you 100% satisfaction with your order, we have gone direct to Puma in order to purchase our stock of these magnificent accessories. However, to be able to get your hands on these amazing value goodies you need to act fast as we have a very limited stock available!

Catering for Magpie fans worldwide, our express shipping methods operate across the globe to ensure that your parcel is at your door as fast as you need it. Also be sure to sign up to our newsletter to be notified of reductions and exclusive coupon codes today!

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