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If you are after a new pair of soccer boots to replace your old, tired pair or are after a fresh set for a new soccer player, then you are in the right place. Here on our Football Boots page, you will discover our wide range of kids and adults boots suitable for a variety of terrains. All sourced directly from the manufacturer, you can feel reassured that you are investing in a quality pair of boots here at Soccer Box.

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Importance of Quality Soccer Boots

As the pace of play is different when training or playing professionally compared to casually with family and friends, the footwear is more important to get right. With the added speed and all-weather conditions outdoors when playing professionally, it is vital to ensure that you or your child have the correct footwear as to avoid injury and improve your performance.

Football boots are designed differently to your average trainer as they have a more streamline fit and are often produced with a lightweight material to help with aerodynamics. Along with this, the soles of the boots have studs to improve the grip on the ground which will allow you to run faster without sliding over on uneven and muddy grounds.

However, due to the need of studs on football boots, it is crucial that you ensure that you also have the accompanying shin guards as to prevent injury to the shins during play. As well as making sure your shin is protected, you may also need to perform maintenance on your boots as to improve the longevity of them. To assist with this, we have a variety of stud keys and spanners on our football accessories page.

Discovering the Best Boots for Your Requirements

Here at Soccer Box, we stock a variety of football boots for adults and kids in a range of styles produced by different manufacturers. As a result of this, there is a vast collection of boots to choose from. If you require any assistance choosing the right type for your needs, then please get in touch and we can help you acquire the best boots possible for your football kit.

Football boots are made from a variety of materials which all serve different purposes and have very contrasting feels. The main three types of material which soccer shoes are made out of are:

  • Leather
  • Synthetic
  • Knit

Along with the different material of the boots, there are different fastening options such as:

  • Laces
  • Velcro

And finally, boots are fitted with studs to improve the grip on the field, but as there is a contrast in requirements for different terrains, there are three main types of stud configurations which are:

  • Hard ground – dry to slightly wet grass
  • Soft ground – wet and muddy fields
  • Artificial ground – 3G and 4G artificial pitches

For dry pitches, boots with moulded studs are more preferred whereas boots with a bladed soleplate are more suitable for use on both soft and hard surfaces. But you can also find boots with interchangeable studs which makes them a versatile choice for all surface conditions.

Purchasing Your Soccer Boots from Us

Update your kit today by ordering a pair of high-quality football boots here at Soccer Box.  All sourced from the manufacturers, our stock is 100% authentic with quality guaranteed. We also offer an outstanding range of shipping services which operate worldwide to get your order in your hands ASAP and we also have a click and collect option too for local customers.

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