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This is our Puma football boots shop, here you can shop for a wide range of the latest Puma cleats for kids and adults. Puma is a well known and trusted brand of football boots, with many of your favorite professional players choosing to sport the Puma brand. Cleats are a vital part of any football kit, and can enhance on pitch performance and comfort. Getting the right boots is paramount, and we are here to help by stocking a wide selection for kids and adults.

Puma is a German sportswear company, they were established in 1948 and have successfully produced and distributed a wide range of football boots for many years. We recommend you shop for the best quality cleats you can afford to offer the best support and protection on the pitch. Puma boots are available in a range of colors, styles and price tags to suit occasional players, school use, amateur league and professionals alike.

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It is always tempting to order the same football boots that your favorite player wears, but this is not the best strategy for your own comfort and performance. Ordering the cleats for the surface you will be playing on is an important consideration, and may mean ordering more than one pair. Playing indoor football will require different sports shoes than for outdoor use, likewise playing on hard and soft ground has different requirements. Choosing moulded studs will offer a better playing experience on hard ground, whereas, you are likely to be more comfortable wearing changeable studded cleats on a softer surface.

Puma offer a range of different football boots with a variety of stud options to suit your needs. Particularly for children it is tempting to buy sports shoes with plenty of growing room, however, this can cause damage to the feet and impede comfort and performance. It is important to buy well fitting football cleats that are comfortable, spacious enough to wear alongside shin guards and socks, but not so large that your feet will move around inside the shoe.

Puma football cleats offer a good fit that sits in the middle of other big brands in terms of size and width. We also stock Adidas football boots that generally offer a slimmer fit than standard Puma sizes. Whether you are shopping for yourself or the kids we are sure you will find the perfect cleats when you browse our online store.

Don’t forget that Soccer Box is a one-stop store for all your football gear and accessories. As well as the selection of boots we have available we also stock shin guards and footballs. You may also like to order the football kit of your favorite team or player. We stock all the big teams from around the globe, or if Puma gear is what you are looking for why not order a Newcastle United or Borussia Dortmund kit!

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