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You are now viewing our Goalkeeper Gloves page here at Soccer Box where you can shop our wide range of official goalie gear. So, if you are looking to invest in a new pair of goalie gloves or are just starting out, then you can find the perfect pair for your needs below. Currently we have a variety of styles and ages available, so that you can kit yourself or your child out in high-quality gear for a fantastic price.

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Why Goalkeeper Gloves Are Needed

While you are standing protecting the goal, it is of great importance to make sure that your body is fully protected as you are often subjected to balls travelling at a grave speed which could cause injury from impact. As a result of this, we often seen goalkeepers wearing shin guards like the rest of the players and sometimes mouth guards too. But the most popular form of football equipment that has been engineered to enhance the performance of a goalie as well as keeping them safe, are the gloves.

When it come to your reflexes in goal, it is often the easiest option to go for your hands or dive, therefore ensuring your hands are protected is a must. Goalkeeper gloves have many layers to them as to provide an optimum level of protection while still ensuring that grip is not compromised. There are four main elements that make up a pair of effective goalkeeper gloves such as the ones we have available on our site:

  • Padded backhand
  • Latex textured palm
  • Finger protection and mobility
  • Secure fastening straps

Choosing the Right Goalie Gloves

As we currently stock goalkeeper gloves from a variety of brands, we often see that the styles and appearance vary slightly. Therefore, we recommend that you check the specification of the pair of gloves or get in touch if you are after a specific type of glove e.g. a thicker latex palm and we will happily assist.

There is a selection of sizes available from youth to junior to adult, so we suggest that you check the size guides for the gloves before purchasing them to make sure you have the right fit for you or your child. Or alternatively you can contact us via our chat or over the phone and we can advise you on the best fit and style for what you are after.

We stock not only branded gloves from the likes of Adidas, Nike and Puma, we also have those which are endorsed by world famous goalkeepers. This therefore not only allows you to be protected while in goal, but also feel like you are channeling the power of your idols too. Find the ideal pair of goalie gloves for your football kit today!

Buying your Goalkeeper Gloves at Soccer Box

When shopping at Soccer Box you can feel satisfied that you are guaranteed to receive high quality football gear as we source our products directly from the manufacturer. Therefore, you can shop with ease, knowing you are getting the best quality products for a superb price. And with our vast range of express international shipping methods and local click and collect service, your order can be at your door as fast as you need it.

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