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This is the Puma Goalkeeper Gloves section. Being a goalkeeper is a rare talent, diving from corner with super quick reactions and agility skills to keep that ball out of your net! Choose your favorite looking Puma keeper gloves that will match your kit and style as well as your budget, which will provide enhanced grip and protection to your hands as you guard your goal throughout your beloved game of football. 


No other player on the pitch will feel the pressure as much as a goalkeeper does, so it is important you feel confident in your gloves. Choosing your correct gloves is crucial, that’s why here at Soccer Box we provide a unique informative description for each pair of goalkeeper gloves we supply. Each description will include all the key points and important features and information you may require when choosing your gloves.

Being a Rare Breed of Footballer is hard work, so make sure you choose the correct Goalie Gloves for you and Order Online Today!

Knowing your game from inside-out makes it easy to choose the correct pair of goalkeeper gloves. However if you a budding goalkeeper, there are many key factors you need to look out for and it may mean for you to experiment with several gloves until you find the right ones.

Goalkeeper gloves are not a mandatory piece of equipment, however it is highly recommended that you do wear them as they will instantly minimize the risk of spilling the ball. Keeper gloves have numerous different cuts. Flat palm cut is a classic and gives a looser feel by consisting of one layer of latex to the back of the glove with the gussets in between the fingers and palm.  The Roll Finger cut is one of the more popular cuts; main feature is that the palm is attached directly to the backhand therefore making the surface area bigger. Negative cut is a newer style and provides a snug fit as the stitching attaches the latex palm to the gussets inside of the glove. The Hybrid cut is made up of a combination of cuts featuring a roll finger design on the index and little finger. Finally is the Negative Roll, which combines the negative cut and the roll finger, the fingers are rolled in the same way any roll finger glove is and the palm is stitched like a negative glove.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced goalkeeper we are confident to supply a pair of goalkeeper gloves suitable for you, simply browse through the manufacturers to the left to find your desired glove.

At Soccer Box we are proud to guarantee 100% authentic high quality goods that will be on sent on a fast international reliable shipping service, for delivery direct to your door!

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